ford fiesta tow strap

ford fiesta tow strap


Towing is an essential procedure that is conducted in many everyday situations. It is used by the emergency services, tow truck drivers, auto mechanics, and those who need to move large objects or items. Whether it’s a flat tire, a stopped vehicle, or just a large piece of luggage, towing can be a lifesaver. And one of the most important parts of towing is the tow strap.

The fiesta tow strap is an acronym for Flat Iron Towing Strap, designed specifically for the Ford Fiesta model. This particular tow strap is designed to securely and safely attach two objects together for restricted and controlled mobility. It features a two inch wide nylon webbing with a heavy duty plastic covered metal snap hook that can be clipped on the parts of the car.

The towing strap easily slides onto the car with very little effort and without any physical strain. It is hard wearing and durable, with a 1,500 lbs tensile strength, making it strong enough to move and support a great deal of weight quickly and safely.

It also features an E-Track loop which is a plastic loop that easily attaches to the car’s E-Track system, which is located on the floor of the car. The E-Track system helps secure the strap in place and makes sure that nothing is able to come loose while towing is occurring.

The fiesta tow strap is one of the most popular tow straps on the market today. It is designed specifically for Ford Fiesta models, but can also fit other car models with similar features. It also features reflective stitching for added visibility when towing in low light conditions, making it safer for both the driver and passengers.

The fiesta tow strap has many advantages over traditional tow straps. It can be used for a variety of tasks and it is extremely easy to use. It also significantly reduces the risk of injury to the tow truck driver, as well as the passengers of the car being towed. Furthermore, it is lightweight and quite easy to store, making it an ideal choice for those who have limited storage space.

In conclusion, the fiesta tow strap is a great choice for those who need to move objects or vehicles quickly and safely. It is well made, lightweight, and easy to use. Additionally, it can be used for multiple different vehicles and tasks with no additional equipment necessary. This makes it a great choice for those who need to move a large load quickly and safely.

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