focus st tow strap

focus st tow strap


The use of a tow strap during road focus sessions is quickly gaining popularity amongst car enthusiasts in the UK. The ability to quickly and easily connect your car and assist it to a safe location is invaluable during vehicles involved in a focus session. Not only does it enable a driver to get their car off the track safely, but it also allows them to teach others about the importance of safe driving.

For those unfamiliar with the world of road focus, it is an organized group of participants who get together to practice and challenge their own driving skills in a safe and controlled environment. These sessions are often held at race tracks and feature multiple practices, such as slaloms, solo and dual test runs, sprints and ake tests. Participants aim to improve their own capabilities, as well as those of their fellow drivers.

Unfortunately, cars are not immune from mechanical failures and accidents in the course of a road focus session, which can result in them becoming stranded. An essential piece of kit for these occasions is a tow strap, which can be used to connect a car stuck in the middle of the track, or at any point on the track, to a tow vehicle and take them to safety.

A tow strap, or a tow rope, is an elastic or non-elastic, nylon- or cotton-based nylon strap that has an integrated metal hook or loop at each end of the strap. The length of the strap should be sufficient to connect the two vehicles, enabling the towed car to remain close to the ground and allowing the towing vehicle to keep control.

Accidents do unfortunately happen and that is why it is important to invest in the right tow strap. It is important to ensure that the tow strap has all the necessary features necessary for ensuring the safe connection of two vehicles, such as metal hooks or loops and metal reinforcement loops. These features, if chosen correctly and maintained, ensure that the strap will not eak or slip during the towing process, saving time and fuel, as well as potentially preventing further damage to the vehicles.

Having the right tow strap for the situation is essential when it comes to towing during a focus session. Without the correct straps, it can be difficult to ensure the secure transfer of power from the towing car to the towed car, increasing the risk of the two vehicles becoming disconnected while in motion. Not only that, but incorrectly fitted straps can cause damage to the car being towed, or the towing car, due to the heavy load placed on them.

In conclusion, it is clear that investing in the right tow strap is of great importance when it comes to road focus sessions. Not only does it allow a driver to practice safe driving techniques in a closed environment but it also enables them to safely reconnect a car to a tow vehicle and remove them from the track quickly and safely. Not only this, but by investing in the right tow strap, a driver can also ensure the secure connection of two vehicles and avoid any potential damage to either one. As such, it is easy to see why investing in a tow strap is an essential piece of kit for any successful road focus session.

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