fleet farm tow strap

fleet farm tow strap


It's funny to think that something as simple as a tow strap can be so versatile. After all, it's basically a length of webbing with a pair of hooks or loops on each end. What could be so extraordinary about that? Well, the truth is, the dependability of a tow strap is something that can truly save you in a pinch. And with its ease of use, it’s an essential piece of equipment for farmers, towing professionals and everyday drivers alike.

Tow straps, also known as recovery ropes, are simple, inexpensive pieces of equipment that provide much needed utility for any driver who experiences vehicular problems on the road. The tow strap will enable another vehicle to tow the disabled vehicle to safety, provided both cars are in contact with each other and the strap is securely fastened.

Whether you're a professional tow truck driver, a farmer in need of hauling agricultural equipment, or just a regular commuter pulling a trailer, tow straps can give you the piece of mind in knowing you're prepared for any emergency that might arise. Taking the time to properly learn about and understand how to use a tow strap is an investment that can pay off big time when the unexpected happens.

What is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is a long length of webbing material, usually polyester, and is typically equipped with either hooks or loops at each end that are used to secure the vehicle in need of towing. Tow straps serve many purposes, ranging from helping to move a stranded vehicle or trailer to securing personal property in the back of a truck or trailer.

The design of the tow strap allows for the driver to wrap the length of the strap around the patient vehicle and its towing partner, wrapping the hooked ends of the strap around the designated posts in order to ensure the secure towing of the patient vehicle. It will also allow for a degree of flexibility in the towing as the two cars no longer need to be attached by mounting a tow bar or other attachment device.

Tow straps also act to help minimize the chance of damage occurring to either car resulting from the towing. Since the tow strap is soft and pliable, it is much better at absorbing the shock from the pavement than the tow bars that more traditionally were used for towing; these are much more rigid and will cause more damage to either car if they are attached during the towing process.

Benefits of Farm Tow Straps

Farmers, landscapers, and other outdoor professionals use tow straps for a variety of purposes. Primarily, towing straps are useful for towing agricultural and/or landscaping equipment as well as other vehicles, trailers, and tools. The advantages of a tow strap are many.

First off, tow straps are incredibly affordable. Whereas other types of towing equipment, such as tow bars and hitches, can be expensive and difficult to set up and use, tow straps are designed to be used right out of the box and are simple enough for most people to set up with ease.

Tow straps are also easier to store than other towing equipment. Once wrapped up, a tow strap takes up very little space, meaning that it is great for farmers and landscapers who are always on the move and do not have the luxury of hauling around bulky and cumbersome equipment.

Finally, tow straps are much safer for use than other towing equipment. Tow bars, for example, run along their length and cannot be adjusted for tension, whereas with a tow strap users can adjust the length and tension to ensure a safe and secure tow.

Negative Factors of Farm Tow Straps

While useful, tow straps should not be used as a substitute for other, more heavy-duty towing tools. The fact is that tow straps are simply not designed to be used with large, heavy items and vehicles – they just don’t have the strength and durability. Tow straps, by their very nature, only offer a minimal amount of pulling power whereas other towing accessories, such as hitch receivers and tow bars, are designed for the heavier loads.

Another potential issue to be aware of is that tow straps can potentially fray or wear out quickly if not stored properly or if they are exposed to moisture and the environment. Proper storage is essential when using tow straps; the webbing should be rolled up and stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and other environmental elements.

Finally, there is the danger of ropes slipping off or eaking when under heavy tension. Tow ropes are not designed to eak, but it is still important to check the condition of the webbing before each use – if any signs of wear or fraying are present, the tow strap should be replaced immediately.


Tow straps are simple, cost-effective pieces of equipment that can help get you out of a bind in a pinch. For farmers, landscapers, and everyday drivers, the dependability and convenience of tow straps can be invaluable when it comes to transporting a vehicle or other items from one location to another. That said, their use must be carefully considered and their condition monitored to ensure the safest and most secure towing experience possible.

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