fiesta tow strap

fiesta tow strap

Towing Straps: A Guide for Different Types, Uses, and Components

Towing straps are essential equipment for drivers and adventurers alike. Whether you’re towing a trailer or a vehicle, having a reliable towing strap can make the job much easier and safer. In this guide, we’ll discuss the different types, uses, and components of towing straps, and offer some tips on how to select and use them safely.

Types of Towing Straps

Towing straps come in many different types and are able to handle different tasks depending on your purpose. The most common types of towing straps are the ratchet type, chain type, polypropylene webbing, and recovery straps.

Ratchet Type – Ratchet type towing straps are commonly used in light-duty applications, such as towing a small trailer. They’re adjustable, making them well suited for a wide range of applications. Ratchet straps are available in various lengths, which can be adjusted to fit your application. The ratcheting mechanism on these straps makes it easy to tension and secure your load.

Chain Type – Chain type towing straps are designed for heavier loads and are great for towing larger trailers. These straps are composed of thick, durable chain links and are designed to handle a significant load capacity. They are adjustable but require a special tool to tension the strap.

Polypropylene Webbing – Polypropylene webbing is one of the most durable types of towing straps and is commonly used for extreme applications. It’s highly resistant to water and UV radiation and provides superior aasion resistance. It’s available in a variety of different lengths and widths, so you can find the right one for your needs.

Recovery Straps – Recovery straps are specifically designed to help extract a stuck vehicle from mud, sand, or snow. They typically have a wider profile than towing straps and a loop or shackle at each end. The loops are designed to wrap around a fixed object (e.g. a tree or pole) to give the stuck vehicle the extra traction it needs to eak free.

Uses of Towing Straps

Towing straps are primarily used to tow vehicles, trailers, and other heavy loads. However, they can also be used for a number of other tasks. Some of the more common uses for towing straps include:

Vehicle Recovery – As mentioned above, recovery straps are specifically designed to help extract a stuck vehicle from mud, sand, or snow. They provide an extra bit of traction and can help you safely and securely tow a vehicle out of trouble.

Logging – Logging chains are heavy-duty towing straps used to move and secure massive logs. Unlike other types of towing straps, logging chains are designed to withstand tremendous amounts of tension, allowing them to secure the logs firmly in place.

Emergency Repairs – Should a vehicle’s transmission eak down or become bogged down, a towing strap can be used to keep the vehicle from moving and minimize any further damage.

Lifting – A towing strap can be used to lift heavy objects, such as tree stumps or large concrete blocks. When used with the proper safety equipment and tools, it can be an effective tool for lifting and moving heavy objects.

Components of Towing Straps

When using a towing strap, it’s important to make sure that you’re using all of the right components, so it’s helpful to know what they are. The three main components of a towing strap are:

Body – This is the main part of the strap. It’s typically composed of durable webbing and can be adjustable or non-adjustable depending on the model. Some models will be made of steel chain links and will require a specialized tool to tension it.

Hooks – Most towing straps have hooks at each end, which are used to secure the strap to the vehicles or load. The hooks can either be screwed or looped around the fixed points, or they may be permanently attached to the strap itself.

Ratchet – Ratchet straps are adjustable and use a ratcheting mechanism to provide tension. This mechanism consists of a gear that locks the strap in place when the handle is pulled.

Tips for Choosing and Using a Towing Strap

When selecting a towing strap, it’s important to consider the weight of the load, the type of towing job you’re doing, and the components of the strap. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting and using a tension strap:

Make sure you’re using the right type of strap for the job. Depending on the load and type of job, different types of straps might be better suited.

Choose a strap with hooks that can be locked in place and are corrosion resistant.

Inspect the components of the strap and the hooks for signs of wear and tear before use.

Always keep an eye on the strap and the load to ensure that it remains secure and tensioned.

Never exceed the working load limit (WLL) of a strap.

Once you’re done using the strap, be sure to store it in a dry place to maintain its integrity.


Towing straps are an essential piece of equipment for many different tasks, ranging from vehicle towing to moving and lifting heavy objects. There are a variety of different types, uses, and components to consider when selecting a strap. By considering these factors, and following the tips outlined above, you can be sure to find the right towing strap for your needs and to use it safely and securely.

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