fiesta st tow strap

fiesta st tow strap


Using a tow strap is an efficient and safe way to tow a car or trailer if you hit a snag on the road. Towing straps are also great for recovering a stuck vehicle in mud, snow, or a ditch. However, it is also important to use them correctly in order to ensure the safety of all involved. This article looks at tow straps, how to use them properly, and the best tow strap for a Fiesta ST.


A tow strap is a long, durable material webbing with either loops on the ends or metal hooks. It is attached to a stuck vehicle or trailer in order to pull it free. The straps are usually made from nylon or polyester and can handle significant tension and weight.

How to Use Tow Straps

When using a tow strap, it is important to ensure that it is used correctly in order to avoid accidents and damage. Here are some of the steps involved in using a tow strap:

1. Find a suitable location to hook up the strap. Make sure to have a flat, level surface to hook up the tow strap. It should also be clear of obstacles that could cause the strap to get caught or stretch out. It is also important to ensure that there are no sharp objects that could cut the tow strap.

2. Connect one end of the strap to the towing vehicle. The tow strap should be connected to a secure location that is not going to get damaged or cause the vehicle to move suddenly. It is best to connect the strap to the other vehicle's recovery point.

3. Connect the other end of the strap to the disabled vehicle. Connect the strap to another secure location such as the bumper, axle, or tow hook.

4. Ensure the strap is tight and secure. Make sure to give the strap some slack and ensure that it is taut, but not too tight as it could create too much friction or cause damage to connecting parts.

5. Start towing the disabled vehicle. Start driving slowly and increase the speed gradually. Make sure to watch for signs of excessive strain or stretching on the tow strap.

6. Stop towing and disconnect the strap. Once you have reached your destination, stop the vehicle, disconnect the strap and store it for later use.

Best Tow Strap for a Fiesta ST

If you are looking for the best tow strap for a Fiesta ST, it is important to consider your towing needs, the material of the strap, and the strength of the strap. The Rhino USA Heavy Duty Tow Strap is ideal for towing a Fiesta ST, as it is rated for 20,000 pounds of maximum complete capacity. This heavy-duty tow strap is made from double-layer industrial strength nylon webbing and features reinforced loops for added reliability. The strap also features a heavy-duty carrying case for easy transport and storage.

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