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evo x tow strap



Tow straps are an important piece of equipment for anyone with a car, motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle. They are used to help move a vehicle, either in an emergency or for recreational purposes. But not just any tow straps will do. It’s important to find the right tow strap for the job. This article will provide an overview of tow straps and discuss the different kinds available and their uses.

What is a tow strap?

A tow strap, also known as a tow rope, is a length of flexible material used to secure a vehicle to another vehicle or an anchor point. The tow strap is made of strong woven material, such as nylon, and has reinforced loops at either end. It is generally quite long, ranging from a few metres to several dozen metres.

The primary purpose of the tow strap is to enable the safe and secure towing of a vehicle. Depending on the type of tow strap, it may also have other uses such as a winch line, cargo lashings and so on.

Categories of tow straps

Tow straps come in a variety of categories and sizes. Each type has its own purpose, so it is important to research and choose the right one for the job.

One type is the light-duty tow strap. This is designed for general towing purposes and not for heavy loads. It is made from light yet strong material and will usually have adjustable loops at either end.

Next there is the medium-duty tow strap. This is designed for heavier loads and is made from stronger and more durable material. It will usually have reinforced loops and/or hooks for attaching it to the vehicle.

There are also extra heavy-duty tow straps, which are designed for use with the heaviest loads. They are made from the strongest material available, and will often have reinforced eyes and/or hooks to hook the strap onto the anchor points.

Then there is the snatching or kinetic energy tow strap. This type is specifically designed to tow vehicles at high speeds. It's reinforced loops are designed to stretch when tension is applied to it and then recoil back when the tension is relieved.

Finally, there is the ever-handy evo x tow strap. This type of tow strap is designed for those with limited storage space. It wraps up tightly for storage, making it ideal for keeping in the car or in a garage.


Tow straps are an important piece of equipment for anyone with a motorized vehicle. Each type of tow strap has its own purpose, so it is important to research and choose the right one for the job. Hopefully, this article has provided a helpful guide to selecting the right tow strap.

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