e92 tow strap

e92 tow strap


The humble tow strap is a vital and versatile tool, often carried in the cars of people who consider themselves to have a modicum of practical mechanical knowledge. It is an invaluable object that allows the user to swiftly and safely draw their disabled car from the side of the road, far from the bonnets of garages and the dreaded auto-mechanic's invoices.

From helping a friend on the side of the highway, to assisting in a swift turn-around at a four-wheeling spot, the importance of the tow strap should never be overlooked. This curious loop of material has gone through many changes and adaptations, in order to become the essential item it is today.

One of the more obvious uses for a tow strap is the retrieval of a stranded vehicle. More specialised straps may include chromoly loops, designed to fully redistribute the load between the vehicles involved and minimise the risk of injury in the recovery operation. It is possible to purchase such a strap in the form of a heavy-duty aramid choker sling, which offers excellent strength and durability.

Tow straps serve a niche but important purpose when it comes to four-wheeling. Many times, it is necessary to pull a stuck (and stranded) vehicle out of the mud, sand, or other treacherous terrain. Tow straps offer an easy and secure solution to the problem.

Constructed from a range of synthetic materials, each tow strap must be designed to meet the specific needs of its individual environment. Most are designed in such a way that the point of attachment is further away from the vehicle as possible, to maximise leverage and minimise the risk of damage to the car or its immediate surroundings. In some cases, a soft shackle or rope may even be used to protect the vehicle's finish.

Furthermore, a tow strap is an invaluable component in a hobbyist's toolset. It can come in handy in a variety of situations, from winching operations to towing a boat or vehicle to the driveway.

When choosing a tow strap, it is important to select a strap that exceeds the intended workload capacity by a factor of at least four. This is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved, as well as for the tow strap to not suffer undue strain.

A tow strap can also be used to perform some remarkable feats. A rope pull can act as an aid in the recovery of a vehicle from a steep, slippery surface, and a tow strap could also be used to pull a left-behind vehicle back onto a road or driveway.

It is also possible to use a tow strap for a variety of unconventional tasks, such as dragging or snagging large objects like rocks or large tree trunks. Always ensure that you weigh the pros and cons of any activity that might require the use of a tow strap.

When it comes to simple transportation situations, the use of a tow strap is common. We have all seen the long-distance drivers of trucks, buses, and larger recreational vehicles, taking advantage of this useful tool to secure their heavy loads and guide the trailers across country.

To sum up, we should never ignore the power of the humble tow strap. Whether used in vehicle recovery operations or simply to secure a load and pull it to safety, the importance of a tow strap should never be underestimated. As with most mechanical items, the importance lies in the quality of the material and its ability to withstand rugged treatment. Whether you are a novice driver or a seasoned off-roader; having a tow strap in the car is essential.

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