drift tow strap

drift tow strap


A tow strap is a useful accessory for any car or truck; available in a variety of sizes and styles, they are the perfect tool for a variety of uses. Whether you’re looking for a way to get your friend’s vehicle out of a ditch, towing your recreational vehicle, or relocating your car after an accident, a tow strap can provide the leverage and support you need for the job. The best option for reliable and durable towing is a drift tow strap, designed for rugged off-road conditions.

What's a drift tow strap?

A drift tow strap is specifically designed for off-road conditions, offering a heavy-duty construction and resistance to aasion, weather, and UV rays for long-term performance. Typically constructed of a highly durable, lightweight nylon webbing, each strap features reinforced sewn eye loops at both ends, allowing users to secure the strap to a variety of tow hooks, winches, and other anchor points.

For added convenience, a drift tow strap also includes a built-in rubberized tension-adjustable webbing stopper at one end. This useful feature eliminates the hassle of manually re-tying a tight knot to secure the strap and doubles as an anchor to hold onto when the strap is stretched to its full length.

When properly used, a drift tow strap offers a working load of up to 10,000 pounds, making it an ideal choice for off-road applications like towing recreational vehicles, ATVs, and motorcycles.

Using a drift tow strap

Before attempting to use a drift tow strap, it is important to understand the importance of following the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer. As with any towing device, improper installation or ineffective use can result in serious property damage and/or personal injury.

The first step when using a drift tow strap is to properly attach the strap to the vehicle being towed and to the vehicle providing the assistance or pull. If possible, use the existing tow hooks or other anchor points provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer, or use the D-ring ends of the strap for an additional anchor point.

Once the strap is secured, ensure that any slack is taken up before proceeding. The tension-adjustable webbing stopper should be used to remove the slack and to ensure the strap maintains tension during towing. If the strap becomes significantly stretched during the tow, stop and re-tension before proceeding.

When loading a drift tow strap onto a spool or winch, be sure to ensure that the strap does not twist around the winch at any point. Twisting the strap could cause it to come loose during the tow and lead to a dangerous situation.

Caring for a drift tow strap

As with all types of towing equipment, properly maintaining your drift tow strap is essential to ensure years of reliable performance. After each use, inspect the strap for any signs of wear or damage. If the strap shows signs of damage, discard it and replace it with a new one.

Inspect the metal end connections for rust, as this can weaken the strap significantly and make it more susceptible to eakage. In addition, check the tension-adjustable webbing stopper and keep it clean and free of deis.

In order to preserve the color and strength of the strap, store it away from sunlight and excessive heat. The best storage method for a drift tow strap is to wrap it loosely around a spool or other round object, as this helps to avoid any pressure points or twisting of the webbing.


A drift tow strap is an ideal choice for off-road towing applications. Its heavy-duty construction stands up to a wide range of conditions and allows it to withstand a working load of up to 10,000 pounds. With proper installation and maintenance, a drift tow strap can provide reliable performance for countless towing jobs.

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