custom tow strap

custom tow strap


Having a reliable tow strap is essential anytime you are towing a vehicle or other heavy object. While more conventional steel cables may work for short towing distances, custom tow straps offer more durability and strength for extended hauls. Designed to be extremely hard-wearing, these straps paired with durable hardware can take on thousands of pounds and do their job safely and reliably.

What are Custom Tow Straps?

Custom tow straps are made from heavy-duty polyesterwebbing and reinforced with a tensile strength. This polyester is designed to endure wear and tear caused by frequent use, and provide tensile strength that is capable of towing heavier loads than traditional steel cables. To complete the package, custom tow straps are fitted with metallic hardware that is specially made and extensively tested to increase resistance against strain, weather conditions, and pressure.

Types of Hardware

There are a number of different types of hardware that go into a custom tow strap, with the most common being forged steel hooks, snap hooks and Delta load cargo straps.

Forged steel hooks are made with a custom molds and are designed to fit the width of the straps, providing secure and reliable attachment for a range of situations. Snap hooks offer a more secure fastener for specialized uses and feature a spring-loaded latch that can open quickly and securely. Delta load straps are a modular form of cargo straps with a 1.5” heavy-duty rubber rackets providing additional reinforcement when necessary.

Use and Maintenance

When using a custom tow strap, it is important to remember that the capacity of the strap is only as good as its weakest link - the hardware or mooring point. It is also important to consider the stress that can be incurred when towing, and to apply a little slack to manage tension, reduce strain on the strap, and help to prevent over tightening. To help maintain the life of the strap and its hardware, cleaning should be done with a damp cloth and warm water, and any fraying should be addressed immediately.


Custom tow straps are designed to offer more strength and realiability for a range of towing applications, and come with a range of metallic hardware to provide a secure attachment for any situation. However, it is important to remember that use and maintenance are key to maximising the lifespan of the strap, hardware and even the mooring points. The use of a little slack and regular cleaning will help to manage strain on the strap and help to keep it strong and durable.

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