100 ft tow strap

100 ft tow strap

What is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is a crucial piece of equipment used in all types of automotive recovery, towing, and hauling applications. It is designed to securely connect two vehicles, or a vehicle and an object, so that one can be towed without causing damage. Tow straps, which are usually made of stranded nylon, are rated based on load capacity and should always be used according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Tow strap material is usually constructed from tightly woven nylon threads, which are attached to ratchet-style hooks on the ends. Hooks are designed to be used with tow rings, clevises, or other vehicle frame or axle attachment points. Different sizes and types of tow straps are available to accommodate various towing applications. The common ratings for tow straps are 5,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds, though many are rated for up to 20,000 or even 30,000 pounds.

The most important part of towing safely is the connection point between the tow strap and the vehicle to be towed. The tow strap should be securely connected to the frame or axle in both the towing and towed vehicles. The connection point should be underneath the vehicle to be towed, and it should be a solid spot that can bear the weight of the vehicle without snapping or bending. Attaching the tow strap directly to a bumper or other body part is not recommended, as these parts were not designed to bear the load of towing. Once connected, the tow strap should be pulled tight and either tied off or connected to the towing vehicle.

The length of the tow strap should always be taken into account when towing. A safety margin of at least three feet should be included to take into account any give the strap may have in the line. Pulling too tightly can damage the strap, so make sure it is loose enough to absorb the shock of any bumps in the road. Also, a strap that is too long can potentially become tangled in the undercarriage of the vehicle, which can be dangerous.

Finally, always check the tow strap before and during use. Inspect the ratchet release, metal hooks and ratchets, and ensure that the webbing is free of any nicks, rips, or tears. A damaged tow strap can come undone in dangerous situations and should be immediately replaced.

Tow straps are essential for safely towing or hauling anything from a car to a boat. Highly rated straps should always be used, and the connection and length should be checked before every use. If all these recommendations are followed, tow straps can provide a safe and secure connection that can be trusted to get you to your destination.

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