100 foot tow strap

100 foot tow strap


If you're in need of a heavy-duty tow strap that provides up to 100 feet of secure towing, you need to look no further than the 4000-pound professional-grade tow strap from PeakTow.

The durable construction and superior engineering of this strap make it an ideal choice for various rescue operations, towing jobs, automotive tasks, and any other situation that requires secure and reliable towing of up to 4000lbs. This extremely versatile and adjustable nylon strap also comes with two premium steel hooks that are zinc-plated for extra protection against corrosion.

The extra-thick 7500-pound double-layer nylon is built to last and can be relied upon to reliably tow even the heaviest of loads. PeakTow ensures that this tow strap is incredibly safe and able to stand up to the toughest of towing jobs without risk of eaking apart, even while towing up to 4000 pounds. This makes it a perfect choice for any vehicle towing or heavy-duty transportation job.

The extended length of 100 feet also makes this tow strap ideal for a variety of potential jobs. With this much length, it is an optimal choice for towing vehicles or large cargo that need to be transported long distances.

The commercial-grade tow strap also comes equipped with two double-edged steel hooks that are designed to easily and quickly clip onto any towing vehicle. These sturdy hooks fit securely against the towing vehicle and provide secure towing by ensuring that the strap does not slip off or become detached during transport. This is enhanced with the addition of the zinc plating, which provides even more durability and protection against weather damage.

So, if you're looking for a heavy-duty and reliable tow strap that provides up to 100 feet of secure transport, the 4000-pound professional-grade tow strap provided by PeakTow is an ideal choice. Its superior construction, superior engineering, and reinforced steel hooks make it an ideal choice for a variety of heavy-duty towing and transportation jobs. With its extended length and reliable design, it is an excellent choice for a variety of potential tasks.

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