car towing strap

car towing strap

Car towing strap

The car towing strap is arguably one of the most essential pieces of equipment to the roadside emergency kit of any driver. From a oken down car, to a need to rescue a trapped vehicle, the car towing strap is a must have to help secure and move vehicles quickly, safely and efficiently. These types of straps are not one size fits all, so it's important for drivers to choose the right type of car towing strap based on the make, model and size of the vehicle.

The car towing strap is constructed from durable, heavy-duty materials, such as nylon and polyester. Generally, the tow strap will be composed of two woven strands, the inner strand which provides the strength and the outer side strands, providing flexibility and supporting the inner strength. These two-strand construction results in a strong tow strap with superior stretchability, strength and aasion resistance.

The straps come in a range of widths and lengths, with the most common sizes being 3'' (7.6cm), 4'' (10.2cm), 5'' (12.7cm), 6'' (15.2cm), and 8'' (20.3cm). The length of the strap may also vary, usually ranging anywhere from 15' (4.6m) to 30' (9.1m). For cars, a typically safe strap length is between 20' (6.1m) and 30' (9.1m) but it's best to read the manufacturer’s specifications for the respective vehicle.

The manufacturer of the tow strap will also determine the maximum load bearing strength of the strap. These ratings will generally range from 500lbs to 10,000lbs. It's important to check the vehicle’s towing capacity and select the tow strap accordingly. A strap with a maximum rating that is lower than the vehicle’s towing capacity should never be used.

When choosing a car tow strap, it's also important to review the features that are available. These may include safety hooks with safety clips, closed loops, padded loops and protection guards. Safety hooks with safety clips or closed loops allow for secure attachment to one or both vehicles. Padded loops assist with absorbing the shock of sudden jerks and providing better grip. And protection guards are designed to protect the painted surfaces of the vehicles being towed.

In addition to these straps being used to tow vehicles, they also come in handy in cases where it’s necessary to rescue a trapped vehicle, when crossing a deep body of water, or in cases of extraction from deep snow or mud. In these cases, the person using the tow strap will more than likely require assistance. This assistance consists of Guidance, Pull and Retrieve.

Before towing any vehicle, it's important to follow a few guidelines. First, never exceed the maximum tow weight stated on the strap. Second, attach the strap to the same point on both vehicles for best results. Third, always check for proper weight distribution. Fourth, after the strap is attached, check for any slack. Fifth, add an additional tow strap for additional safety. Sixth, always maintain constant communication between the driver of the towing car, the driver of the car being towed, and any additional people providing assistance.

With the car towing strap being such an important piece of equipment, it's worth taking the time and researching the different types of straps available to ensure the requirements of the vehicle being towed are met. Taking the time to research and buy carefully will ensure the strap is safe and suitable for the job at hand.

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