car tow strap

car tow strap


Tow straps are an invaluable item for anyone who has ever had to deal with a car eakdown, an accident or a stalled vehicle in need of a tow. Designed to ease the movement of one vehicle over long distances, tow straps can be used to tow cars, trucks, vans, or even larger heavy objects depending on the strength of the tow strap being used. Due to their sturdy construction, it is important to choose the right type of tow strap for the job and to use it correctly for the maximum benefit.


The use of ropes to tow objects has been in existence since the early Egyptians utilised ropes to move large stones. But the use of tow straps of the kind seen today is a more modern invention. In the 1920s and 1930s, the United States began to recognise the production of tow straps as a manufacturing market. At this time, tow straps were mostly found in commercial settings and were made of a cotton webbing material. As the popularity of automobiles began to rise, the use of tow straps became more widespread and soon tow straps began to become a necessity for public safety in the form of utility service, accident towing and heavy haulage.

Construction and Strength

Modern tow straps are constructed with the highest standards of strength in mind, usually made with 100 percent nylon webbing, although some straps are made from two-ply nylon or polyester webbing. Tow straps are designed to stretch from 5 to 10 percent of their length when put under force, absorbing and softening the load. This design also helps to prevent any sudden jerking motions from occurring which could potentially be hazardous to the vehicles being towed.

The strength of tow straps can be measured in terms of its load capacity. This is usually measured in terms of linear force, such as a 3,500lbs, 5,000lbs or 10,000lbs maximum load capacity, although other measurements may also be used such as tonnage (1 tonne, 1.5 tonnes). It is important when choosing a tow strap to ensure you have the right one for the job to ensure it will not eak or stretch beyond its capacity.


Tow straps are typically used when there is a need to tow a vehicle over a long distance, often used as a type of emergency tool by emergency services, professional towing services and more. They are also used in off-road settings when making manoeuvres over rugged terrain or when moving heavy equipment such as snow ploughs.

Tow straps can also be used in order to secure a vehicle on the back of a truck such as when transporting a vehicle for a repair. This can be done with the use of a tow rope looped through the trailer hitch of the vehicle and around the trailer hitch of the truck, allowing for a secure form of transportation for the vehicle.


When using a tow strap it is important to always remember the following safety measures:

1. Check the straps for any fraying or damage that may have occurred prior to use.

2. Place a soft, non-metallic material between the tow strap and the vehicle to avoid damage to the paintwork.

3. Attach the tow straps securely to both vehicles.

4. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the tow strap.

5. Avoid placing any sharp objects between the two vehicles.

6. Make sure the route you are taking is safe for both vehicles and that the road is clear.


Tow straps are an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to move a car from one place to another over long distances. Due to their sturdy construction, they are able to handle heavy loads while providing some cushioning to prevent any sudden jerking motions. It is important to remember to select the right strap for the job and to observe the safety rules to ensure that your tow strap adventure is safe and successful.

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