car tow strap harbor freight

car tow strap harbor freight


Caravans and towing with tow straps:

Caravans and tow straps are an essential part of any motorhome adventure. A tow strap can be used to secure a caravan when it's hitched to an underlying vehicle, allowing you to travel without having to worry about the load shifting, especially in stressful terrain.

Tow straps are designed to provide the necessary structure and tension required for carrying a massive cargo over long distances. Typically, the straps feature double-woven, heavy-duty webbing for a secure grip, being made of either polyester or nylon.

Generally, tow straps might look the same from the outside, but there are actually many features to consider when you are buying the best one for your caravan. So, let's look at some of the main features to watch for when outfitting your caravan with a tow strap.

First, the strength of the tow strap should be a major consideration. If your caravan is carrying a large load, you'll need higher-end tow straps that can handle large amounts of tension. The industry standard is somewhere around 10,000 lbs. of maximum towing capacity. Look for straps that feature extra reinforcement where the webbing attaches to the claw hooks, as well as metal reinforced loops at the end of the straps. Anything lower than 10,000 lbs is not suitable for towing a caravan.

Next, pay attention to the length of the tow straps. In the context of caravans, long straps are usually best. While this means you'll have to pay more, it also means you'll have a secure grip over longer distances. Longer straps also usually come with larger hooks, which makes them ideal for large vehicles as well. Just keep in mind that you need at least 6 inches of clearance between your vehicle and the caravan for the strap to work properly.

Finally, consider the material of the tow strap. Nylon is softer and has a more cushiony feel, but it can stretch over time and become less secure. Polyester is more expensive, but it's also stronger, so it's the best option for travelers who need a heavier duty tow strap.

Overall, when it comes to towing with a caravan, it's essential to have a solid and dependable tow strap. Fortunately, you can find plenty of tow straps on the market that feature heavy duty webbing, metal reinforced loops, and a reliable 10,000 lb capacity. It's also worth shopping around for the right strap length and material, so that you can get maximum grip and secure towing no matter what the distance.

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