car tow dolly straps

car tow dolly straps


Car tow dolly straps are an essential part of your trailer and vehicle hauling setup. They act as an extra layer of protection, providing additional support to the vehicle’s suspension and preventing the trailer from bumping into the back of the car, which could damage either. Without tow dolly straps, a trailer could easily slide or jump with the slightest bumps in the road, potentially leading to accidents and damage. Tow dolly straps are inexpensive and are available in several sizes, so no matter the size or make of trailer or vehicle, you’ll likely find the right size for your setup.

Tow dolly straps are basically wide, adjustable straps with steel hooks on either end. The hooks are typically fitted through pre-drilled holes on the trailer and car or truck, and then the straps are secured with an adjustable buckle on the back of the trailer. Properly sized straps are key to making sure that your car and trailer are immovably connected. Straps that are too tight can cause bumps in the road to cause jolting and instability – not only making the ride uncomfortable and possibly dangerous, but it could also cause the straps to fail, leading to the trailer eaking loose. Straps that are too loose can also become hazardous, as they may sway too much and cause your car to bump the back of the trailer and vice versa.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at the different types of tow dolly straps, how to properly install them, and some tips for safe towing.

Types of Tow Dolly Straps

There are two main types of tow dolly straps: steel and webbing straps.

Steel Straps

Steel straps are the most commonly used type of tow dolly strap. They are virtually indestructible and incredibly easy to install, as the hooks simply need to be fitted through the pre-drilled holes in the trailer and the car. Steel straps are available in a variety of widths, with the most common being two, three, and four inches.

Webbing Straps

Webbing straps are usually used for heavier trailers and vehicles, as they are a more secure option than steel straps. The main benefit of webbing straps is that they are adjustable, so they can be tightened as needed on the road. They also have hooks on both ends that need to be fitted through the pre-drilled holes in the trailer and car. Webbing straps are available in a variety of widths and lengths, with the three most common being four, five, and six inches.


Before you install the tow dolly straps, you should check the trailer and car for pre-drilled holes in the frame that are typically used for the installation. If for some reason there are no pre-drilled holes, then you’ll need to drill your own.

Once the holes have been made, the next step is to thread the straps through them. For steel straps, the hooks should be pushed through the holes from the backside and then secured with an adjustable buckle. For webbing straps, the hooks should be pushed through the holes from the front side and then tightened. Make sure that the buckle or ratchet is adjusted correctly and that the straps are tight enough so that the trailer and car are firmly held together.

Tips for Safe Towing

Before towing, you should always make sure that the straps are properly installed and tightened. It is also important to inspect the straps on a regular basis to make sure that they are still in good condition and have not become worn. Once you are on the road, be sure to drive responsibly and take particular care when navigating bumpy roads and tight turns.


Car tow dolly straps are an essential part of your trailer and vehicle towing setup. They provide additional strength and support to the car and trailer, preventing them from bumping into each other on the road. There are two main types of tow straps: steel and webbing, which come in a variety of sizes. Installation is fairly straightforward, provided that you have pre-drilled holes in the trailer and vehicle frame for the hooks to fit through. When towing, be sure to regularly inspect the straps and adjust them if necessary, and drive responsibly.

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