can you use a recovery strap for towing

can you use a recovery strap for towing

Towing is an essential part of vehicle maintenance, as it is often necessary for removing disabled or damaged vehicles from a location. Today, there are many tools and equipment that can be used for towing, such as chains, ropes, cables, winches and recovery straps. In this article, we will take a deeper look into the use of recovery straps for towing.

A recovery strap is a very effective option for towing, as it is designed to stretch under tension, making it suitable for a wide variety of towing applications. Recovery straps are commonly constructed from nylon, the same material used in vehicle seat belts, making them able to resist the elements. They’re typically made of one or two layers of woven nylon, giving them extra strength and a longer lifespan.

Recovery straps are designed to be taut as they provide the needed traction between vehicles. This tension keeps the strap from coming loose or eaking while towing, reducing the chance of an accident. The tautness also helps absorb the shock from sudden stops, which can help avoid damage to the vehicles. They are also much safer than chains, ropes or cables, preventing the vehicle from being jerked if the strap were to escape.

When used for towing, the recovery strap should be secured to the towing vehicle, as well as the trailer or vehicle being towed. It is important to make sure both ends of the strap are secured properly and that the ends do not overlap. Many people recommend that recovery straps should be used in combination with other tools, such as a tow strap, safety chains, turnbuckles, wire rope, and even winches. Using additional towing accessories not only helps to ensure proper towing, but also provides additional safety.

When towed with a recovery strap, it is important to maintain a consistent speed. This is especially important when the distance is long, over rugged terrain, or a combination of both. By maintaining a consistent speed, the sensation of jerking or bouncing is lessened, increasing the comfort and safety of everyone.

Recovery straps are an affordable and reliable option for towing, as they are designed to stretch under tension, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to the vehicles being towed. It is important to use proper safety measures when towing, such as making sure the straps are properly secured and that other tools, such as safety chains, turnbuckles, wire rope, and even winches, are used in combination with the straps. By following these rules, towing with recovery straps can be a safe and reliable way to move a disabled or damaged vehicle.

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