can you use a ratchet strap as a tow strap

can you use a ratchet strap as a tow strap

Using a Ratchet Strap as a Tow Strap – Is It Possible?

In some situations, a towing strap or tow rope can be a lifesaver. Whether you have oken down and need a way to get going again, or you need to move a car off the road and out of harm’s way, having a tow strap can be invaluable. But what happens if you don’t have access to a tow strap? Some people might be tempted to use a ratchet strap instead, but is this a safe idea?

In short, no. While a ratchet strap is capable of withstanding high tension and is often used for the purposes of hauling equipment, the material it is made from and the design of the strap means it is not suitable for towing vehicles. Ratchet straps are designed to be used for tying down loads and ensuring they stay in place whatever the environmental conditions.

As such, they are not designed to tow a vehicle or trailer on the open roads, and as such could be dangerous to use for this purpose. Ratchet straps can snap or eak when under too much tension, and this is exactly the sort of situation which you want to avoid. A tow strap can eak too, of course, but generally, the thicker material and design of the strap is better able to accommodate the tension created by towing.

Towing with a ratchet strap can also cause damage to the vehicle it is being used on and the vehicle it is being used to tow. While ratchet straps are strong and durable, they don’t give the vehicles the same amount of protection as a tow strap would. The strap sits close to the vehicle, potentially rubbing over paintwork and damaging it. As well as this, the ratchet itself could potentially damage the vehicles as it moves back and forth.

A ratchet strap is a great tool for securing loads and helping with everyday tasks, but its use should be limited to these activities. When it comes to towing a vehicle, the best choice would be to use an appropriate tow strap. They are designed for this specific purpose, and can cope with the tension and forces required for a safe and successful towing journey. In addition, you would be using a tool which provides some protection for the vehicles being towed.

If you don’t have access to a tow strap and you find yourself in a pinch, then obviously you have to do whatever is necessary to get moving again. But if at all possible use should be your only option. Safety must be at the forefront of your mind at all times, and by using a tow strap, you can be sure that you are taking all necessary precautions.

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