buy tow strap

buy tow strap

Tow Straps: The Safe Way to Move Your Vehicle

Tow straps, also known as tow ropes, are a must-have item in any car owner’s toolbox. They’re simple and relatively affordable, yet they’re also powerful on-the-go devices that vehicle owners should always have in the glovebox or trunk. Tow straps are versatile and invaluable when you need to move a car a short distance, tow a vehicle that’s out of gas, or secure a car to a trailer for a long-distance tow.

What is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is essentially an incredibly strong webbing material made from synthetic fibers such as nylon and/or polyester. These materials have a very high weight-bearing capacity, making them perfect for towing. The faic absorbs energy, which helps to distribute the load more appropriately and evenly, thus avoiding any sudden stops or harms to the strap. Tow straps also have wide and sturdy looped hooks at the ends for a secure attachment, as well as provisions for a snapped buckle or clasp to keep it all secure.

What is a Tow Strap Used For?

Tow straps are most commonly used as a towing device, as they are an easy option that can fit almost any vehicle. The straps can work with sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, minivans, and more– and they’re even tougher than many types of chain or cable. The straps can be used to tow a vehicle in the case of an emergency and need to be moved a short distance, or they can be employed to help secure a car to a trailer and safely transport the vehicle to its destination. Tow straps are also great for recovering a stuck vehicle.

Many people opt for tow straps over traditional tow chains or cables because of their flexibility and strength. Tow straps are a great option for a DIY car tow as they cause absolutely no damage to the car’s finish. They’re also much more user-friendly and the loops at the ends of the straps make for easy attachment. Best of all, tow straps won’t kink or tangle because of an inability to recoil.

Choosing the Right Tow Strap

When it comes to choosing the right type of tow strap, the most important thing to consider is the capacity. You must look at working load limit (WLL), as this will determine how much weight the strap can handle. Look for a tow strap that has a capacity that is at least twice the weight of the vehicle being towed. This is essential for any type of medium or heavy-duty towing application.

It’s also important to think about the environment and condition of the vehicle. For example, if you’re towing through treacherous terrain, you’ll need a strap which features features of higher-grade webbing in order to reduce the possibility of aasion or tearing. For wet towing applications, you can choose from a variety of tow straps with a water-resistant coating.

Safety is Key

When it comes to towing, safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it’s important to always use tow straps with loops or hooks that have a diameter that is at least twice the diameter of the strap itself. This will help to prevent any potential accidents due to over-straining or stretching while in use. It’s also essential to always keep the strap clean and well-maintained. When towing, keep in mind that the strap should always be tensions manually across its full length. This will help prevent the occurrences of sudden jerks and viations.

When you choose a tow strap for your towing needs, make sure to get one that is both reliable and able to offer you peace of mind. Tow straps are a popular solution for short-distance vehicle movement, and when used correctly, can be an invaluable utility for ensuring safe transportation of vehicles.

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