bubba tow strap

bubba tow strap


When considering a purchase for a tow strap, the term 'bubbah tow strap' probably springs to mind. Developed in Australia in the 1970s, the bubbah tow strap has been a staple of the off-roading and 4WD enthusiast for decades. In this article, we will discuss what it is, how it works and interpret its current usage in the global 4WD and off-roading community.

What is a Bubbah Tow Strap?

A bubbah tow strap is basically a very heavy duty piece of canvas webbing with a loop at each end. It is most commonly used to tow vehicles that have become stuck in particularly sticky situations, or as an extra assist in recovery if the vehicle is too big for a standard tow rope. The looped ends allow it to be easily wrapped around the bogged vehicle and attached to the tow vehicle with a suitable tow strap rated winch or a U-bolt hitch. It can also be used in a more basic form, simply to connect two 4WDs and pull one out from a tricky situation.

The bubbah tow strap itself is made from extremely heavy duty material, typically between 8 and 10 feet long and a minimum of two inches wide. It is made from thick layers of canvas, with the edges reinforced with polyester webbing. This combination makes it almost indestructible, perfect for tough environments such as sand, mud and snow.

How Does It Work?

The bubbah tow strap works just like any other tow strap. The loops at either end of the strap are folded around the wheels of the stuck vehicle and then looped through the U-bolt hitch or tow strap rated winch of the tow vehicle. Both straps are then connected and tightened. This connection is then tested to ensure it is secure before the towing begins.

The bubbah tow strap is designed to provide an extra level of security, due to its strong construction. The loops make it easy to attach the tow strap and any excess webbing can be wrapped around the anchor points to make sure it is nice and secure. This can be especially helpful when towing through a particularly tough area, as it will reduce the risk of the strap eaking or coming loose.

Current Usage

The bubbah tow strap is still a popular device amongst off-roaders and 4WD enthusiasts. It is recommended for its strength and longevity, as it is constructed from some of the toughest materials available. It is particularly well suited to off-roading in muddy areas, where a standard tow rope could easily snap or stretch.

In terms of current use, the bubbah tow strap is often utilised in conjunction with winches and U-bolts. This makes the connection between the two vehicles completely reliable and strong enough to handle the weight and force of towing.


As we have seen, the bubbah tow strap is an extremely robust and reliable piece of towing equipment. It is designed for tough off-roading and 4WD situations, where it is more common to get stuck in sticky situations. Due to its strong construction, it is capable of taking a lot of strain and pressure, ensuring a safe and secure towing experience. In addition, it is easy to use and secure, making it a popular choice amongst the off-roading and 4WD community.

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