bubba rope tow straps

bubba rope tow straps



Bubba rope tow straps are an essential tool for anyone involved in towing or rescue operations. They allow for a secure connection between vehicles that are being towed and have been designed to provide a safe and easy way to pull a heavy load. They are incredibly useful for the recreational vehicle enthusiast and can also be used in an emergency situation. As such, they are an integral part of any vehicle towing kit.

What are Bubble Rope Tow Straps?

Bubba rope tow straps are made from a heavy-duty, reinforced nylon webbing that has been designed to be both strong and flexible. This webbing is carefully constructed to ensure that it will stand up to the rigours of towing a large and or heavy load. Most Bubba rope tow straps feature reinforced stitching and heavy-duty metal buckles to ensure optimal 2,000-pound tensile strength. Additional features can include double-webbing stitching and heavy-duty looped end designs.

There are a wide range of sizes available when it comes to Bubba rope tow straps and most feature a ight colour that makes them easy to spot and to use in low-light conditions. They can come with single, double, or triple-looped end designs, depending on your application and requirements. Likewise, the length of the strap can range anywhere from just 3 feet to as much as 20 feet depending on the specific model. This makes them a versatile and hugely useful tool that can be used in a multitude of circumstances.

How Do You Use a Bubba Rope Tow Strap?

Using a Bubba rope tow strap is a relatively straight-forward process and should come naturally to anyone who has ever had to tow a vehicle before. Firstly, you’ll need to attach the bubba rope to the vehicle that is being towed, usually by looping it through the bumper hitch. Once the rope is securely in place you’ll then need to attach the other end to the tow vehicle, usually by looping it around the tow bar or trailer lockout.

Once both straps are in place and securely attached it’s time to get started. The main thing to remember here is to make sure that you use a slow acceleration when you start off, otherwise the rope could snap. When you’re towing heavier loads it’s also best to move the straps around during the journey to ensure that they don’t become worn and weak in any particular spot. Finally, once you reach your destination, make sure to unloop the bubba strap and store it away in a safe place so that it’s ready to be used again.


In conclusion, Bubba rope tow straps are an essential and invaluable tool for anyone involved in towing or rescue operations. They provide a secure connection between the tow vehicle and the vehicle being towed and have been designed to provide a safe and easy way to pull a heavy load. Their flexibility and strength make them ideal for recreational and emergency uses and their versatility means that they can be used in a multitude of towing applications. Knowing how to use a Bubba rope tow strap is essential to ensure the safety of you and the vehicle being towed, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the correct procedure before venturing out on the open road.

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