braum tow strap

braum tow strap


The Benefits of Using a Tow Strap

For those who enjoy activities such as off-roading and four-wheeling, having a tow strap on hand can be a lifesaver. A tow strap is a heavy-duty cord or rope used to recover vehicles that have become stuck in mud, sand, snow, or another form of terrain, and can also be used to recover vehicles that are stuck due to mechanical failure. Tow straps are strong, often able to withstand up to 8,000 to 12,000 pounds of weight, and are designed to stretch, allowing for a jerking motion used to pull the stuck vehicle free. Tow straps can also be used around the car frame to pull the vehicle free if it is well-buried, and can be used to attach a larger vehicle or winch to the stuck one. Here are some of the benefits of using a tow strap for off-roading and four-wheeling:


One of the greatest benefits of a tow strap is the additional safety it can provide. Using a tow strap instead of a chain or cable results in significantly less chance of the equipment eaking and sending sharp pieces of metal or other deis into the air. Tow straps are made of durable nylon that can take a lot of abuse without snapping, greatly reducing the chance of an on-site tragedy. The attaching ends of tow straps are also much less likely to cause damage to vehicles, since they are designed with large, flat surface areas that spread the strain of the pull across the vehicle, instead of just around the axle or bumper. Finally, the stretch of the tow strap helps to absorb negative shock loads and reduce the chances of the strap coming unduly taut and eaking the vehicle.

Easy to Store and Carry

Since a tow strap is usually made of lightweight but heavy-duty nylon there is no need to worry about having to carry a huge steel cable when off-roading. A tow strap can easily be stored away in a box or behind the seat of the vehicle if necessary, and taking it along in a tool box or backpack does not take up very much room at all. And because a tow strap is lightweight and pliable, it can easily be moved around or draped over heavier objects.


The cost of a tow strap is usually very inexpensive compared to other devices used to pull out stuck vehicles, and because tow straps are so durable, they can be used for many years if treated properly. Further, many tow straps come with a large measuring loop so that the pulls can be easily monitored, adding even more to the value.


The use of tow straps provides a great deal of adaptability since they can be used to pull almost any size vehicle out of mud, snow, and other stuck positions. Tow straps can be attached anywhere on the vehicle, typically to the frame and axles, allowing a vehicle of just about any size and weight to be pulled free. This is in contrast to a cable or a winch, which usually requires some type of mounting to the frame of the off-road vehicle, making it less adaptable to different tool configurations.


Finally, tow straps are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of other applications as well. Tow straps can be used to secure and move objects that are too large or heavy for a single person to maneuver, as well as tie down objects or containers in the back of a truck or pick-up. Tow straps are also an important tool to have for many rescue operations, and can be used to move injured individuals or move deis.

For those who enjoy off-roading and four-wheeling, having a tow strap on hand is a must. A tow strap provides a much safer way to pull vehicles stuck in mud or snow, as well as providing a level of adaptability, affordability, and versatility that make it an invaluable tool. So, the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation while out on the trails, make sure you have a tow strap handy and know that you're prepared for whatever nature might throw your way.

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