bmw tow strap

bmw tow strap

Towing a BMW

Towing a BMW can be intimidating for those who have never done it before. Even for experienced tow truck operators, towing a BMW is an art form. It requires an understanding of the car’s construction and safety features, as well as the special equipment needed to successfully handle this delicate task. Here are a few tips on how to safely and securely tow a BMW.

First, it is important to understand how to properly connect the tow truck and the BMW. Depending on the model, there may be specific points on the vehicle where a tow rope or chain must be connected. On most BMW vehicles, the attachment points are under the front bumper, on either side of the vehicle. If a tow rope is being used, loop the rope over the metal loop on the tow truck, then secure it to the attachment points. Use locking clips or a tow rope with hooks for extra stability.

Once the two vehicles are connected, double-check to make sure the towing equipment is firmly secured. Double-check that the BMW isn’t going to move while the tow truck is on its way.

When towing a BMW, make sure to drive slowly, as the added weight of the vehicle puts pressure on the connection between the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle. Make sure to check the connection regularly and if you feel unnecessary strain on the equipment, stop the tow and check it.

All BMWs are equipped with anti-theft systems, so it is important to have the keys to the vehicle when towing it. If the keys are not available, contact a BMW dealer and request a key replacement, which is the safest option.

If the towing is being done in an area with a lot of heavy traffic, use caution. Take measures to make the vehicle visible, such as adding a flag to it or turning on the hazard lights of the tow truck.

Should your towing trip be during hours of darkness, it is important to keep the BMW’s headlights on to make it more visible. Switching them off could cause an accident. Also, if the BMW has a towbar, attach a fluorescent safety flag to the towbar.

When towing a BMW, use a tow eye – the device holds the tow rope in the correct position to prevent it from becoming entangled. If a tow eye is not available, use a tow rope with secure knots to help keep the rope taut when towing.

For added security, many tow truck operators use a BMW tow strap when towing a BMW. The strap is usually made of heavy-duty webbing and provides extra protection and security when towing.

Finally, before starting a long journey, check the BMW’s oil, water, and ake fluids before towing it. This will ensure that your BMW will be running safely and reliably after being towed.

Towing a BMW can be a difficult and intimidating task, even for experienced tow truck operators. However, if the car is properly prepared and the right equipment is used, towing a BMW can be done with relative ease. Following the tips above can help tow operators do their jobs safely and efficiently.

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