bmw m4 tow strap

bmw m4 tow strap

BMW first launched its iconic M4 motor in 2014, prompting a whole new generation of sports car enthusiasts to take to the roads. Boasting a powerful 3-litre turbocharged engine, delivering an impressive 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, the M4 is a force to be reckoned with. Like its illustrious predecessors, the M4 has been designed with looks, performance and luxury in mind. But one overlooked feature of the M4 is the presence of a tow strap, which can prove invaluable when you find yourself in need of assistance.

The BMW M4 tow strap

The BMW M4 tow strap is a high-quality, durable tow strap designed specifically to be securely anchored to the rear of the vehicle. It is made of a tough, reinforced nylon material tested to up to 2800 lbs. This capability means you should have more than enough strength to tow your M4 safely out of any situation. It is equally important to ensure that the tow strap is securely anchored to the vehicle - which is why BMW have incorporated two tether points for anchoring, located on the back of the car.

The BMW M4 tow strap should be connected to the front of the tow vehicle, then firmly secured to the rear of the M4. This connection should then be adequately tensioned prior to being fastened, ensuring that the tow vehicle is exerting maximum force onto the M4, helping to reduce any potential kinematic stress on the engine and transmission. Once tensioned and securely attached, the driver of the tow vehicle should then slowly pull the M4 out of the situation, allowing plenty of clearance in order to reduce any further loading on the vehicle.

Advantages of the BMW M4 tow strap

The use of a tow strap can provide significant advantages compared to using a traditional towbar. The main benefit is the lack of structural damage caused by towbar towing, as the mounting of a towbar on the rear of a vehicle can add significant stress to the body.

In addition, the BMW M4 tow strap offers the added convenience of being able to be transported in the trunk, as opposed to a conventional towbar which not only has to be installed, but also demands storage space. As such, the BMW M4 tow strap is ideal for those that may find themselves in emergency or emergency situations - or even those who simply prefer the convenience of a tow-bar-free option.

Furthermore, the construction of the M4 tow strap itself makes it a much safer option than conventional towbar towing. The heavy-duty nylon material used is extremely strong and resilient, meaning it performs admirably in any circumstances. The two tether points also ensure that the strap is securely positioned, helping to further reinforce its performance.


The BMW M4 tow strap is a robust and convenient option that helps you to safely and securely tow your M4 vehicle. By utilising two tether points, the strap affords superior strength and peace of mind in any circumstances. Its portability and ease of set-up also sets it apart from the conventional towbar, allowing you to have the convenience of towbar towing without the bulkiness and inconvenience. As such, for any M4 owner, the BMW M4 tow strap is an essential piece of kit.

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