bmw m2 tow strap

bmw m2 tow strap


The BMW M2 is one of BMW's most sought-after sports cars, thanks in part to its lightweight design, agile handling, and aggressive styling. The BMW M2 packs plenty of punch under the hood and can be used for day-to-day commuting, weekend joyrides, and even track days. Despite its high-performance capabilities, however, some might find the M2 a little difficult to handle during extreme turns or aggressive maneuvers, leaving them in need of an additional safety measure. The solution? A tow strap.

Tow straps, also known as recovery straps, are made of a tough, durable material, often nylon, and are used to help pull a vehicle out of a stuck position. This can involve retrieving a vehicle that's stuck in mud, sand, or snow, or even getting your vehicle unstuck from deis or large tree anches following an accident or a misstep in off-roading.

Tow straps are widely available in sizes ranging from 1” - 4” and can include loops on both ends or a hook on one end and a loop on the other. Many strap designs are also resistant to aasion, water, and stretching, making them ideal for outdoor use, especially under extreme conditions.

When it comes to the BMW M2, however, there are a few additional considerations owners should keep in mind when shopping for a tow strap. First and foremost, you'll want to make sure the straps are rated to be able to handle the weight of your M2, as well as any additional weight that may be present in the form of luggage, additional passengers, or anything else. Secondly, ensure that you get a strap that's corrosion-resistant, as the roads you plan on travelling off-road could introduce salt and mud into the mix.

In terms of size and style, the standard tow strap should be adequate enough to do the job, with minimal risk of slippage. That being said, many M2 owners choose to install additional recovery hooks on the rear bumper, allowing them to attach an extra tow strap in the event that the original one is insufficient. It's important to note, however, that these recovery hooks should be compatible with the tow strap you’re using, otherwise the system won’t work correctly.

Once everything is in place, it’s important to follow simple safety guidelines when using your tow strap. Make sure to inspect the strap for cuts, tears, or fraying, and be aware of the maximum weight rating. You'll also want to consider the tension of the strap, taking care not to pull the endpoints too close together or the strap could tear or snap.

Tow straps can be a great addition to any BMW M2 and can help ensure your car stays safe, even in the most extreme conditions. Whether you’re stuck in sand or travelling on muddy terrain, towing is an easy and relatively affordable way to get your car out of a bind. With the right tow strap and the necessary safety measures in place, you can rest assured knowing your BMW M2 is in safe hands.

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