10 foot tow strap

10 foot tow strap

A Long and Strong Tow Strap: How to Choose the Right Option

When you’re stuck and need some serious towing power, a tow strap is the answer. With so many different types and lengths available, finding the right one for the job can be tricky. We’ll take a look at the factors to consider when selecting a tow strap, focusing in particular on the classic 10 foot tow strap.


The first consideration when purchasing a tow strap is its length. A 10 foot strap is a great, all-around option. Depending on your vehicle and what you may be towing, a 10 foot strap will provide enough slack that it should always have some give, which is important for safety reasons. If you are going to be towing heavier items, a longer strap may be more suitable, but for most applications the 10 foot will do the job.


The second factor to consider is the amount of weight your tow strap can handle. 10 foot straps are available in a range of strength levels, from super light duty to heavy duty. If you’re towing light to moderate loads, a strength rating of around 2200 pounds should provide adequate support. However, if you’re towing heavier items, you should opt for a higher strength rating, closer to its maximum capacity. This will ensure that your cargo is safely secured while in transit.


The third factor is the material the strap is made from. Generally speaking, the most versatile type of tow strap is one constructed from heavy-duty polyester webbing. This particular material is strong, UV resistant, and can easily handle moisture. Moreover, the wide ribbons of webbing help to distribute the stress evenly across the surface of the strap, leading to a longer service life.

When combined with a heavy-duty v-ring or D-ring, the 10 foot polyester tow strap can easily provide enough tension to effectively secure your cargo in transit.


Your choice of a 10 foot tow strap is a great, all-around option. You should keep in mind the strength rating and material of the strap, while remembering that the 10 foot length will provide adequate slack while in use. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to select the right tow strap for the job.

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