black takata tow strap

black takata tow strap

Takata Tow Straps: A Buyer's Guide

If you're looking for a reliable, durable and safe way to tow your vehicle, a Takata tow strap is the perfect solution. These straps are designed to provide safe and secure towing in any situation, be it on the job, on the farm or on the trail. They offer the best protection and peace of mind when you're towing your vehicle, ensuring that whatever you're towing is securely tied down.

So if you're in the market for a tow strap, here's what you need to know about Takata tow straps and what makes them the best choice for safe and secure towing.

Strong and Durable

Takata tow straps are made from a high quality, heavy-duty polyester material, making them incredibly strong and durable. The straps are able to withstand temperatures ranging from -30°F to +140°F, with a UV rating of 8. Furthermore, the straps are rated for a 7,000-pound work load and a 21,000-pound eak strength. This means that you can safely tow even the heaviest of vehicles without worrying about the strap coming apart or eaking.

Weather and Aasion Resistant

Takata tow straps are designed to be weather and aasion resistant, meaning they can safely withstand all types of weather conditions and wear and tear that come with towing. Furthermore, they are water-repellent, ensuring no water leakage or snow accumulation inside and around the strap, which can cause damage to your vehicle and the strap itself.

Stronger than Ropes

Takata tow straps are much stronger than traditional rope towing straps, meaning you can rely on them to securely tow your vehicle more safely. The straps are 10 times thicker than traditional towing ropes, making them incredibly strong and secure. Furthermore, they avoid the risk of the rope snagging or unraveling that comes with using ropes for towing.

Various Sizes Available

Takata tow straps come in a wide range of sizes and lengths, enabling you to choose the perfect one for your vehicle and towing needs. They are available in lengths from 10-feet to 40-feet, so you can easily find the right size to get the job done safely.

Affordable Prices

When it comes to high quality tow straps, Takata offers a great range of products at an affordable price. The straps are a great value for money, and offer the perfect combination of safety and reliability at an unbeatable price.


Takata tow straps are the perfect solution for safe and secure towing of your vehicle. They are strong, durable and weather resistant, and can easily handle towing jobs of any size. Furthermore, they offer great value for money, making them a great investment. If you're in the market for a tow strap, a Takata tow strap should be top of your list.

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