billings tow straps

billings tow straps


Towing is an important and often necessary operation in many modern day scenarios. Whether one needs to move a vehicle, trailer, or even a large piece of equipment, a tow strap can make the job much easier. Tow straps are an effective way to safely secure one vehicle to another, attaching the two together in such a way that pulling one vehicle can move the other. Tow straps allow for a more reliable and efficient towing process without putting excess strain on the towed vehicle’s engine or drive train.

There are a wide variety of tow straps on the market today, each designed for specific purposes. Choosing the right tow strap for the job is essential for optimal performance and to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. This article will discuss the major types of tow straps and their specific uses, as well as important safety tips for towing with tow straps.

Types of Tow Straps

There are several types of tow straps, including synthetic, wire rope, and chain straps. Each type has unique advantages, and the best type of strap to use will depend upon the job’s specific towing needs.

Synthetic Tow Straps

Synthetic tow straps are the most commonly used type of tow strap. They are made from a synthetic polymer, such as nylon or polyester, which gives them a flexible but durable design. Synthetic tow straps come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 10-100 feet, and can usually bear weight up to 10,000 pounds. Synthetic straps are lightweight and easy to handle, making them a great choice for emergency towing or light duty towing.

Wire Rope Tow Straps

Wire rope tow straps are a heavier duty option. These straps are made from stranded steel cable coated in a protective material like vinyl or nylon. Wire rope straps are much more durable than synthetic straps, and are able to bear much heavier loads. They are commonly used for towing large trailers, or towing over long distances. However, wire rope straps are much more expensive than synthetic straps, and are more difficult to install and handle.

Chain Tow Straps

Chain tow straps are the strongest type of tow strap. Made from heavy duty metal chains, these straps are the best choice for towing large and heavy equipment. They are typically the most expensive type of tow strap on the market, and can bear loads up to 40,000 pounds. However, due to the weight and cost of these straps, they are not typically used for lighter duty towing jobs.

Safety Tips for Using Tow Straps

Towing with a tow strap can be a dangerous activity if done improperly. It is essential to follow these important safety tips whenever using one:

• Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a tow strap.

• Securely attach the tow strap to both vehicles before beginning to tow.

• Make sure that the tow strap is properly and securely connected to the vehicles.

• Ensure that the tow strap is the right length and weight capacity for the towing job.

• Make sure that the tow strap is tensioned at all times, and is not allowed to become slack.

• Do not exceed the speed limit when towing with a tow strap.

• Always check before beginning to tow to make sure that no one is standing in the path of the vehicles.

• Always be aware of other vehicles on the road, and always follow the rules of the road.


Tow straps are an essential tool for safely and efficiently towing vehicles and trailers. Different types of tow straps are available for different towing needs, from synthetic tow straps for emergency towing, to wire rope and chain tow straps for heavy duty towing. Following the safety tips outlined in this article will help ensure a successful and safe towing experience with tow straps.

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