bike tow strap

bike tow strap

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world as people look for greener and more sustainable forms of transportation. It is not only convenient, but it is also great for fitness, and for getting around town or around the countryside. As useful as cycling can be, however, there are times when carrying your bike is essential. Whether it is to get it onto public transport, or up a mountain, or simply to get it in and out of a car, sometimes the two wheels need to become one. This is where a bike tow strap - a simple, adjustable piece of cycling kit - can come to your rescue.

When you need to transport your bike, tow straps are the way to go. Strong, secure and adjustable, they let you carry one or more bikes safely, whether you are on the road or across the countryside.

The first step in transporting your bike is choosing the right tow strap. When buying a tow strap, the main considerations are comfort, strength and adjustability. The standard tow strap is made from a flat webbing material, usually polyester or a blend of synthetic materials. This type of strap is lightweight and adjustable and so provides a great all-rounder solution. It has a hook at the end designed to hook around the seat post of the bike, which will then loop around the waist of the person carrying it.

For larger bikes and heavier loads, you may need to invest in a stronger tow strap. These are often made from heavy-duty webbing and feature reinforced stitching along the edges for added strength. They can also feature an adjustable cam buckle for easier fitting and removal of the strap.

Once you have chosen the right tow strap for the job, you need to adjust it for your bike. This is simple to do - simply hook the strap around the seat post of the bike and then loop it around the waist of the person carrying it. Secure it tightly, but not too tight so as not to constrict the airflow.

When transporting your bike by road, it is important to stay safe. Ensure that the bike is firmly secured to the person carrying it, and that the bike remains upright during transit. If you are carrying a bike on public transport, check the rules and regulations of the transport provider before boarding. It is good practice to make sure your bike is secure, and any straps visible, so the person in charge of the public transport can be sure it is safe.

Once you have your tow strap in place, cycling with it is easy. It should be comfortable and secure to carry without feeling restrictive in any way. When you are done transporting your bike, simply remove the strap and fold it away for storage.

For those who may be looking for a simpler cycling solution, there are tow bars that can be attached to the bike frame and wheel, enabling you to transport two bikes on one tow bar. This is a great solution for those travelling greater distances or over more difficult terrain.

Whether you are looking for a simple and practical way to transport your bike or if you are looking for a more professional solution for carrying multiple bikes, tow straps and tow bars can provide the answer. They are affordable, comfortable and secure, and make transporting your bike a simple and straightforward solution.

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