best tow strap

best tow strap

Tow straps are extremely important and versatile tools that provide a secure and reliable means of towing a wide range of vehicles in various situations. Using a tow strap instead of a winch or chain is often the safest and most appropriate choice for lighter towing jobs due to its simple construction, minimal potential for damage and flexibility in both towing and storage.

When considering what tow strap to buy, it is important to first assess your intended use. Tow straps come in a variety of lengths, widths, materials and strength capacities, so having a general idea of what the strap will be used for can help narrow the choice down. In addition to this, a number of different tow strap features should be considered in order to ensure that not only is the right tow strap chosen, but that it is safely and correctly used.


When it comes to tow straps, length is an important factor to consider. The longer the tow strap, the greater the stretch it has which can be useful for situations such as towing a vehicle over a long distance. However, a longer tow strap is less secure and requires more work in terms of setting it up, so it's best to choose one that is suitable for the application. Generally speaking, a tow strap between 13 and 20 feet in length will provide sufficient length for the majority of towing jobs.


The capacity of the tow strap you choose should meet the needs of your towing job. For example, an 8000 lb. tow strap will not provide adequate strength for a towing job that requires 12,000 lbs., so it is important to ensure that you select the right tow strap for each job.


The width of the tow strap is also important as it affects the strength of the strap and how easy it is to handle and use. A wider strap offers more strength due to the greater number of points of contact between the strap and the vehicle, but at the same time this also adds bulk which can make it more difficult to use. Tow straps typically come in widths of 2 or 3 inches, but narrower straps may be available.


The material that the tow strap is made from will greatly impact its performance. Generally, straps are made from stronger synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, and tend to be more resistant to wear and temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, these materials also offer excellent performance in terms of aasion resistance and are able to absorb more shock and tension than straps made from natural materials such as cotton.

Security Features

Most tow straps come with security features that are designed to prevent the strap from slipping or becoming loose during use. These features include steel hooks, ratchets and safety loops that offer much greater security than the traditional method of tying a knot in the strap.

Finally, when it comes to choosing the right tow strap, it is essential to make sure that you select one that is suitable for your intended use. By assessing the length, strength, width and material of the tow strap, as well as any security features, you can ensure that you select the right tow strap for your job. By following these steps and taking the time to assess your options, you can be confident that your tow strap will be reliable and secure for all your towing needs.

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