best tow strap for pulling out

best tow strap for pulling out

Tow Straps: The Best Tool to Pull You Out of a Jam

Getting stuck in a ditch or in the mud is usually a frustration and a hassle. Fortunately, having the right tool can make the situation a lot easier. A tow strap is designed to help you out of such a jam. Here’s a closer look at the essential tool and why it's the best way to pull you out of a sticky situation.

What Is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is a device that uses leverage to pull a stuck vehicle out of a situation in which it’s become stuck. The strap consists of nylon webbing with a looped end. Through this looped end, an anchor is attached. Either a winch or another vehicle can be attached to the anchor, creating the leverage to pull the stuck vehicle out.

Most tow straps are about 30-feet in length, but there are different varieties, including those made of heavy-duty webbing that are longer than 50 feet. The standard tow straps are designed especially to be used with vehicles and they usually have a eaking strength between 8,800 to 10,000 pounds.

How Does a Tow Strap Work?

Tow straps are robust and strong and are made to stretch when tugging. This helps ensure that the vehicle being pulled out is not jerked or pulled too hard and is instead moved steadily and in a controlled manner. This is beneficial as it can help to ensure that any parts of the bodywork of the vehicle being pulled out are not compromised or damaged during the extraction process.

When using a tow strap, it’s important to use a good anchor on the strap, such as a tow hook, that is securely fixed. This will help to ensure that the strap does not become detached during the maneuver.

Why Is a Tow Strap the Best Tool for Pulling Out a Stuck Vehicle?

Tow straps are some of the best tools for getting a stuck vehicle out for a number of reasons. They are far more comfortable than using a rope and are much more robust and easier to use than using a chain.

Furthermore, they can also be stored conveniently, rolling up nicely and not taking up much space when put away. What’s more, they are usually much easier to thread under the wheels of the stranded vehicle that’s being pulled out compared to other materials, such as heavy-duty chains.

Finally, and importantly, they are designed not to snap or snap back if they are under too much strain. As a result, they offer a much safer solution than a rope or, even worse, a chain which can cause all sorts of injuries or even serious injuries, if they snap or snap back.

How to Choose the Best Tow Strap

When choosing the best tow strap, there are several factors that you should consider. Most importantly, always make sure that the tow strap is rated for the weight of your vehicle. A tow strap rated for between 8,800 and 10,000 pounds should be suitable for most cars.

It’s also important to look for a strap that is between 28- to 30-feet in length. this will give you maximum leverage and the best results when pulling out a stuck vehicle. The strap should also have a looped end to keep the anchor firmly attached throughout the pulling process.

Finally, check any ratings or reviews on different straps to see if they have any issues regarding stretching or eaking. A high-quality tow strap should be able to handle the load it was designed for.


A tow strap is the ultimate tool when it comes to successfully extracting a stuck vehicle. They are designed to stretch and provide a great deal of leverage. They are also relatively lightweight and easy to store away. They are also much safer than other materials, such as rope or a chain, that could snap or snap back, potentially causing injury. When selecting the right strap, make sure it’s rated for the correct weight, the right length, and has a looped end for best performance.

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