best tow strap for off road

best tow strap for off road

Tow Straps for Off-Road Recovery

For any off-roading enthusiast, one of the essential pieces of kit to have is a tow strap. Not only are they very useful when you get stuck but they are also an easy and convenient way of rescuing a fellow off-roader from an awkward situation. However, tow straps don’t come in one size fits all and there are many straps available which have been designed for different terrains and functions, so it pays to do your research when buying one. This article looks at the various tow straps available for off-road recovery and what you should take into consideration when choosing the right one for you.

Types of Off-Road Recovery Tow Straps

When it comes to choosing the right tow strap, the first thing you need to consider is the type of terrain and visibility you will be subject to while off-roading. The majority of off-road driving is done on some kind of terrain where visibility is often limited by vegetation and other factors. Accordingly, the most suitable type of tow strap for off-roading would be one that has been designed specifically for such environments in order to reduce the risk of accidental entanglement. The two main types of tow straps available for this purpose are tree trunk straps and axle straps.

Tree Trunk Straps

Tree trunk straps are the most common type of tow straps used for off-roading. They are typically made from a combination of heavy-duty webbing and industrial buckles, and are designed to wrap around the trunk of a tree, which creates a secure base from which to recover a stuck off-roading vehicle. Tree trunk straps are also often used for towing vehicles out of ditches and other tricky spots.

Axle Straps

Axle straps are more suited for vehicles with a low ground clearance. They are designed to fit around the axle assembly and provide a secure connection to the tow vehicle, providing additional stability and reducing the risk of the towed vehicle flipping over. They are also a good option for recovering light-duty vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs.

Other Considerations

Aside from the type of tow strap, you also need to think about the size of the strap, its eaking strength and the material used.

Size of Tow Strap

When it comes to size, it’s important to choose a strap that is long enough to fit the distance between the tow vehicle and the vehicle being recovered. The narrower the width of the strap, the lighter it will be, however it will also be less strong.

Breaking Strength

When choosing a tow strap, the eaking strength is one of the most important considerations as it determines how much weight the strap can safely tow. Generally, for heavier vehicles, you will need a strap with a eaking strength of at least 10,000 lbs. For lesser weights, straps with a eaking strength of 6,000 lbs should do the job.


The material used in the manufacture of the tow strap is also important as it determines the durability and flexibility. Popular materials include polyester and nylon webbing, as well as synthetic ropes and chains. Depending on the environment you’ll be off-roading in, you may wish to consider a water-resistant tow strap.


Tow straps are an essential item for any off-roader and choosing one for your off-road recovery needs is not a decision to be taken lightly. When picking a tow strap, you need to think about the type of terrain and visibility you’ll be exposed to, as well as the size, eaking strength and material of the tow strap. By understanding your needs and choosing the right tow strap, you can make sure that off-road recovery is always possible.

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