best snowmobile tow straps

best snowmobile tow straps

Snowmobile Tow Straps: An Essential Safety Tool

Snowmobiles are great machines—when they’re working properly. But sometimes things don’t go according to plan and you can find yourself stuck in the snow with a oken-down machine. That’s where snowmobile tow straps come in. Tow straps provide an easy and convenient way to get your snowmobile back to the lift or trailhead safely, no matter how stuck you may be.

What is a snowmobile tow strap? A snowmobile tow strap is a piece of equipment that allows you to tow a snowmobile from one location to another. They are most commonly used in situations where you can’t rely on a snowmobile’s engine to power it along and require assistance from another machine or person.

Snowmobile tow straps are constructed from heavy-duty nylon webbing and typically feature heavy-duty metal hooks for attaching the strap to the machines. Generally, the strap should be at least six feet in length, though some more elaborate models can come in lengths up to twenty feet. It's important to use the correct strap size to ensure safety.

The most important aspect of using a snowmobile tow strap is safety. To prevent accidents and eakage when towing a snowmobile, a few basic guidelines should always be followed:

1. Always use the proper size and strength of strap for the obstacles you plan to encounter and the weight you plan to tow. Heavy straps are typically necessary for large snow machines and for long distances.

2. Inspect the strap, the hooks, and both machines before towing.

3. Stay alert and drive slow when towing with a snowmobile tow strap—as if you were driving the snowmobile itself.

4. Make sure the strap is securely attached to both machines in a way that won’t come loose.

5. Make sure that the machine being towed can be easily maneuvered while being towed.

6. Make sure that the tow rope is safely tucked away, with no loose ends, to prevent the possibility of tangling.

Snowmobile tow straps are an invaluable tool and an important part of any snowmobile’s emergency kit. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to tow one machine to another, you’ll be thankful for your snowmobile tow strap. So make sure you have one—you never know when you might need it.

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