best recovery tow straps

best recovery tow straps

Recovery tow straps are an essential piece of safety equipment for any off-road vehicle. Made of high-strength synthetic webbing with reinforced stitching, recovery tow straps provide the ultimate in vehicle recovery. When used properly, these tow straps can make the difference between a successful recovery and an expensive repair job.

Recovery tow straps are typically rated through several specific measures. This provides the opportunity for users to select the appropriate recovery strap for their specific off-road application. Typical rating for tow straps measure strength, LBS eaking force and elongation. The strength rating is the maximum force limit the strap can handle along its length. LBS eaking force measures the force at which the strap fails. Elongation represents the amount of stretch the strap will withstand before it eaks.

When selecting a recovery tow strap, it is important to ensure that the strap is rated for the intended application. Low-strength straps suitable for general tying down should not be used for recovery, as they may fail during the recovery process. Higher-strength straps should be used for all recovery applications, and users should always check the rating of the strap before using.

When using a recovery tow strap, it is essential to ensure that the end eyes are securely looped over their respective hooks. The strap should also be tensioned as much as possible. This increases the overall stability of the recovery process and helps to prevent the strap from slipping off during the recovery.

Once the strap is securely in place, the recovery can begin. A vehicle should be slowly be pulled towards the direction its wheels are pointing. This should be done slowly to minimize the strain on the straps, as a sudden jerk can cause the straps to eak or the hooks to detach from their attachment points. Once the vehicle has been moved to its desired location, the recovery tow straps can be removed.

Recovery tow straps are designed to make the recovery process safer and easier. When used properly, these straps can prevent costly repair bills and improve the safety of off-road recovery. So, make sure you're equipped with a good recovery tow strap before you head into the great outdoors!

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