axle straps for towing

axle straps for towing


Towing a vehicle is a tedious and often difficult task. Ensuring that the car is safely secured to the towing vehicle can be a daunting undertaking. To mitigate potential damage and make sure the car is safely transported, security straps are an integral part of the process. Axle straps are essential in safely securing the car to the trailer so that neither vehicle is negatively impacted during transportation. This article will discuss the specifics of axle straps, how they work and steps you should take when using axle straps to tow a car.

What are Axle Straps?

Axle straps are flat webbing that are used to raise a car from its suspension and secure it to the trailer. These straps wrap around the axle of the wheel and get tightened with a ratchet strap. Axle straps come in different length, width and strength variations depending on the weight of the vehicle being towed. These straps are designed to provide enough tension to ensure the car remains secure, without stressing the wheel or axle.

How Does an Axle Strap Work?

When using axle straps, it's important to properly position the vehicle on the trailer before beginning any work. Adjust the angle of the trailer’s wheels to match the angle of the towed vehicle’s wheel so that the car is parallel to the trailer. This ensures that the axle straps are evenly distributed across the wheel and won’t cause any unneeded stress on the wheel’s bearings.

Once the vehicle is properly positioned, the next step is to attach the axle straps. The straps wrap around the wheel and get tightened with a ratchet strap. Note that the ratchet strap should be evenly tightened to prevent flexing or sagging in the axle straps. It’s important to ensure the axle strap is tight enough to secure the car, but not so tight that it damages the wheel or axle.

The last step is to attach the opposite ends of the axle straps to the trailer frame. This ensures that the car remains securely fastened to the trailer during transit. Make sure to double check all straps and tightening mechanisms before taking off or driving any distance.

Safety and Maintenance of Axle Straps

It’s important to regularly inspect the condition of your axle straps and other related safety mechanisms. Check for signs of wear and tear, such as frayed edges or signs of corrosion and rust. Never use an axle strap if it appears to be worn or damaged in any way. Additionally, always ensure that the connecting points are firmly secured to the trailer frame to prevent any slipping or shifting during transit.


Towing a car can be a stressful process, but using axle straps is an effective way to ensure the safety of both vehicles. Securing the car with axle straps helps to keep the car safe from damage during transportation, and makes sure the wheel and axle remains undamaged. Be sure to check all straps and connections for signs of wear and tear and securely fasten them to the trailer frame before moving the car. Following these steps will ensure the safest and most secure transport for the car.

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