atv retractable tow strap

atv retractable tow strap


Retractable tow straps are designed for vehicles to tow, recover, or pull boats, other trucks, or other disabled vehicles. The retractable nature of the strap however also makes them supremely important for a wider range of uses beyond the traditional tow or recover vehicle operations.

The retractable tow strap is a is a tool designed to secure vehicle loads, securing objects to the vehicle and aiding in safely transporting them. Mostly equipped with a ratchet system, providing ample tensioning force and securement of desired objects making the task easier and achievable without the need of a winch. They also can be utilized to pull fallen tree trunks and limbs off the highway safely and accurately; aiding in the removal of disabling deis to ensure passage of traffic.


Retractable tow straps have been in existence for centuries. The actual origin of the retractable tow strap is shrouded in mystery, as its invention is not well-recorded and the concept may have been developed in more than one place at nearly the same time. However, it can be said definitively that the retractable tow strap has been in use for various purposes for many years.

For centuries towing has been a vital form of transportation for those relying on the strength of draft animals, usually in the form of a tow line attached to the animal or a vehicle. As technology around towing and haulage developed, the materials used to develop it also changed and improved.

The use of the retractable tow straps evolved from the basic tow line in order to achieve a better degree of control and improved safety. The retractable tow straps have become an important component of towing, hauling, and loading, especially in terms of safety.


When selecting a retractable tow strap, it is important to understand what type(s) are available and how they are meant to be used in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Heavy Duty Retractable Tow Strap: These straps are designed for heavy duty applications, such as towing boats or other heavy loads. They are usually made from a high strength synthetic material, such as polyester or nylon and are designed to be durable in rough environments. Heavy duty straps usually have higher load rating capacities than light duty straps.

Light Duty Retractable Tow Strap:Light Duty Retractable Tow Straps are designed for more light duty operations, such as tying down a light object in the bed of a truck or trailer. They are usually made from a lighter weight material and may not have as much durability as their heavier counterparts.


Retractable tow straps are used in a variety of applications, from vehicle towing and recovery, to securing loads in the back of trucks and trailers, to removing trees and other deis from highways.

Most retractable tow straps are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide excellent grip and tension. This makes them ideal for towing and hauling purposes, including recovering disabled vehicles and off-roading.

Retractable tow straps also can be used for lighter duty and less time-sensitive operations such as removing fallen tree trunks, logs, and other deis from highways. The adjustable tensioning capabilities of the strap makes it much easier to move and manipulate heavy objects that would otherwise be impossible to manage.

Safety features

Retractable tow straps often feature both a ratchet and a cam buckle to secure the strap. The ratchet system allows for fine-tuning the tension and securely locking the load in place; while the cam buckle offers an easy to use, one-handed operation and also allows for an adjustable tightness.

Both of these methods provide a secure hold and prevent slippage and movement during use.

Many retractable tow straps also feature an eyelet at one end, providing an attachment point for the other end of the strap. Additionally, safety pins are often included in the design, which help to keep the strap securely in place while towing or hauling a load.


Retractable tow straps are versatile tools that can be used for towing, hauling, or securing a load. They can be used for heavy towing operations as well as lighter duties such as clearing highways of deis. Not only are they lightweight and easy to use, but they also feature advanced safety features such as ratcheting systems and cam buckles for better control and securement. All of these features make the retractable tow strap a must-have tool in the world of towing and haulage.

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