anvil tow strap

anvil tow strap

What is an Anvil Tow Strap?

An anvil tow strap, sometimes called a “pulling-chain”, is a specially designed piece of hardware that is commonly used in construction, vehicle maintenance and recovery, and even in manufacturing. An anvil tow strap is used to connect two objects together, transferring the force of one object to another. The strap itself is made of tough, high-quality materials with a reinforced construction that can typically withstand extreme stress and strain.

An anvil tow strap is designed with a loop at each end, connected together with a tether which creates a loop that extends beyond the two loops. This is the portion of the strap that the objects to be connected would be tightened around. When tightening the strap, the loops and tether act as an anvil, providing additional strength and creating a secure hold to allow for maximum transfer of forces.

Anvil tow straps have multiple purposes and applications. A common use is in vehicle recovery, where the strap may be secured from a vehicle being pulled to the towing vehicle. This allows for a safe and secure connection for effective towing of stuck, disabled, or damaged vehicles. Anvil tow straps can also aid in construction as well as in manufacturing, by allowing for the transfer of heavy loads between two locations. Anvil tow straps are also often used in the recovery of large pieces of luggage or cargo that cannot fit in an ordinary tow truck bed.

An anvil tow strap is constructed with a specially designed outer sleeve and inner rope core that are designed to be both durable and flexible. The outer sleeve is typically crafted from extremely durable materials such as nylon and heavy-duty polyester. The inner rope core is typically made from heavy-duty rope such as aasion-resistant kernmantle rope. Both materials are designed to hold up to tough applications and can typically withstand extreme levels of strain.

When using an anvil tow strap, make sure that both ends are secured properly in order to maintain the integrity of the connection. Check the strap for any frays or tears, as these can weaken the strap’s overall durability. Additionally, make sure that the strap is long enough for the distance between anchor points and that the tension supplied is adequate for the weight of the load being pulled. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines when using an anvil tow strap.

Anvil tow straps ing significant safety and security to a variety of applications. From vehicle recovery to industrial lifting, an anvil tow strap is a simple yet effective way to ensure the transfer of heavy loads. With its durable construction and versatile loop-and-tether design, an anvil tow strap is the perfect tool for any towing or load-transfer job.

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