winch extension strap vs tow strap

winch extension strap vs tow strap

Winch extension straps and tow straps are two of the most popular types of cargo securing devices used for a wide range of purposes. Like many other suited cargo securing methods, these straps come with both advantages and disadvantages. Understanding their features and doing a comparison between the two can help decide which strap type works better for a specific job.

Winch Extension Straps

A winch extension strap is a flexible securing device made of heavy-duty industrial webbing and sewn with threaded steel rods. It is connected tightly to a tow hook on the winch and can be extended to a length of 20 feet or more. The strap’s main feature is that it is designed to stretch and gives way when a load is applied, thus making it ideal for situations where goods need to be pulled up or down.

For instance, if you need to install a plow or another heavy item on the back of your vehicle, you can use a winch extension strap to secure the item as you lift it. Likewise, winch extension straps can also be used for other standard towing jobs such as securing a boat or a travel trailer to your vehicle or even for shifting heavy furniture.

The flexibility of winch extensions straps is its greatest advantage. The straps are designed to specifically cater to different loads and can be lengthened or shortened to suit the job at hand. Moreover, the straps are also highly resistant to aasion, so they can be used multiple times without worrying about them being torn.

Tow Straps

Tow straps are used to secure heavier loads as compared to winch extension straps. They are generally made of thick and heavy-duty materials such as polyester or nylon and are designed to be highly resistant to aasions, tears, and pulls. The hub of the tow strap has a loop at its center which can be used to attach it tightly to the tow point.

The flexibility of the tow straps makes them easy to adjust to different shapes and sizes of the required cargo, which can be both shipped as well as moved through air. As the name suggests, tow straps are used for towing jobs, such as vehicle and boat recovery and for helping move large items, such as equipment on flatbed trailers.

The biggest advantage of using tow straps is that they can be used over and over due to their sheer strength and durability. Also, they come in a variety of sizes and lengths and can even be customized to cater to your specific job requirements.


Winch extension straps and tow straps serve different purposes and offer different advantages. Winch extension straps are designed to be flexible, giving way to the load as it is applied and allowing for easy lifting and maneuvering of cargo. On the other hand, tow straps are designed to provide better stability, thus being suitable for heavier and bigger loads. Depending on the type of cargo and job at hand, you can choose either type of strap.

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