where to hook tow strap on car

where to hook tow strap on car

Hooking up a tow strap properly is an essential step when towing a car. Properly connecting a tow strap can help secure the car and provide extra safety measures. While different cars require different methods for connecting a tow strap, below is a general guide on how to properly secure a tow strap to a car.

What You Need

Before getting started on securing a tow strap, make sure you have the right equipment. You will need a tow strap and two tow hooks, one for the car that is being towed and one for the car and/or truck providing the tow. Make sure these tow hooks are rated and tested for towing and are compatible with the vehicles. It's also important that they are a proper size to ensure a secure fit.

Where to Hook the Strap

When picking where to hook a tow strap, go for the sturdiest area possible. Avoid any part of the car that is not solid and be sure to double check your connection to make sure it's secure. The best points of connection are typically at the body of the vehicle rather on the frame. Look for tow hooks or sturdy rubber points on the frame of the car. It's important to check your car's manual for its specific tow points, as these vary from car to car.

Where to Connect Tow Hooks

Once you found the correct points to attach the tow strap, it's time to attach the tow hooks. Connect the tow hook on the designated towing vehicle to the strap on one end. Then attach the tow hook on the vehicle being towed to the other end of the strap. Make sure the tow hooks are secure and fastened properly to ensure a tight connection between the vehicles.

Ensuring Safety

Once the tow strap is connected, it's best to use a safety chain to further secure the connection. Make sure to follow the instructions stated in your car's manual for attaching a safety chain. Lastly, it's important to check the car being towed often during the trip to make sure it is secure and that the strap is not damaged or loose.

By following these steps and taking extra safety precautions, you can ensure that the connection is secure and both vehicles will reach the destination safely. It's important to remember that the tow strap should only be used with vehicles that are able to tow and only when allowed by the law. When done properly, hooking up a tow strap can be a safe and convenient way to move or transport a car from one place to another.

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