where to hook a tow strap to a car

where to hook a tow strap to a car

Tow straps are an essential accessory for drivers, as they allow for vehicles to be towed without any risk of damage to either vehicle. It’s important to understand where to properly secure a tow strap before attempting to tow a vehicle. This guide will provide general tips on where to safely recognize a tow strap to a car.

General Considerations

It’s important to consider a few safety considerations before attempting to secure a tow strap to a car. First, make sure that the tow strap is weighted and sturdy enough to handle the vehicle being towed. Secondly, make sure the tow strap is connected properly and that the connection point is secure. Lastly, make sure to always ensure the strap is tightened before attempting to tow.

Where to Secure the Tow Strap

The best place to secure a tow strap is to the vehicles frame or its towing eyelets. It’s important to make sure that the towing eyelet on both vehicles is adequately rated for towing and that the strap fits correctly. Avoid using the vehicle’s bumper, particularly with lighter weight cars. This can cause damage to the car’s body and bumper. Additionally, it’s important to never secure a tow strap to the axle, suspension system, or any other mechanical systems on a vehicle, as this could damage both vehicles.

Connecting the Strap

Once you have identified a secure attachment point for the two strap, the next step is to connect the strap. The best way to connect the strap is to use looped D shackles and talon hooks. Make sure to ensure the shackles are of adequate size and strength before attempting to attach them. Finally, thread the strap through each shackle or hook and then secure it by tightening the strap with a ratchet strap.

Securing the Strap

After the strap is securely attached to each vehicle, the next step is to make sure the strap is properly secured. The best method is to use a ratchet strap or similar device to tighten the strap around the frame of the vehicle being towed. This will help ensure the strap is securely fastened and prevent it from slipping off or getting loose during the towing process. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the strap is taut so that it does not interfere with the steering system of either vehicle.


Securely attaching a tow strap to a car is essential for safe towing. It’s essential to make sure the tow strap and connection points are rated for towing and are securely fastened. Additionally, the strap must be secured properly and tightened before towing can commence. Taking these steps will help ensure your vehicle is towed safely and without any damage to either vehicle.

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