where to hook a tow strap on a car

where to hook a tow strap on a car


If your vehicle has oken down and you need to attach it to another for a tow, you'll need to know how to locate the appropriate tow strap hook-up points on both cars. Even though the type of car and the tow vehicle vary, all vehicles have certain universal tow hitch points located on the vehicle frame. Knowing how to properly secure tow straps and hooks to those points is important in providing a safe tow.

What You Will Need

The basic tools you need to attach a tow strap are:

-A suitable tow strap. This will depend on the weight of the vehicles being towed and should be long enough to securely attach the vehicles at both ends.

-Two strong towing straps. These should be able to hold the weight of the vehicles being towed.

-A set of Jump ropes and/or carabiners. These will be used to secure the tow straps to the vehicle frames.

-A jack and jack stands (optional).

Tow Hitch Points

Tow hitch points are typically fixed onto the interior side of a vehicle’s frame, near the rear bumper. The exact location can vary depending on vehicle make and model; consult your owner’s manual for the proper position.

Most cars also have designated points for the external tow hooks. This might be found on the underside of the front bumper. It could also be located on the outside of the vehicle, near the rear bumper. Once again, check your vehicle manual for the exact location.

Attaching the Tow Hooks

Once you’ve located the tow hitch points, attach the appropriate straps and/or carabiners. Make sure that the straps and/or carabiners are well secured and free of any loose material or sharp edges.

When you’re ready to begin the tow, use a jack or jacks and jack stands to raise both cars off the ground, before attaching the tow straps or hooks. This will prevent the tow straps or hooks from dragging on the ground. Additionally, make sure the cars are in neutral gear, and the parking ake released.

When attaching the tow straps or hooks to the tow hitch points, make sure to attach them securely. The last thing you want is for them to become detached when you’re driving. Additionally, make sure that the straps or hooks are long enough to reach from one vehicle to the other without dragging on the ground.

Once the tow straps or hooks are attached, you can begin the tow. Make sure to drive slowly, and do not attempt any sharp turns or sudden stops. This can cause the tow straps or hooks to come loose or even eak. Additionally, if you need to stop the tow at any point, make sure to turn off the ignition immediately and check the tow straps or hooks for any signs of wear or tear.


Having the right tools, proper technique and knowing where to attach the tow straps or hooks to both vehicles is essential to providing a safe and effective tow. Make sure that all connections are secure, and that the tow straps or hooks are long enough to reach both vehicles without dragging along the ground. Also, take the necessary precautions to secure both vehicles, making sure that the parking akes are released and the cars are in neutral gear. Following these basic steps will help ensure a safe, secure and successful tow.

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