where to connect tow strap

where to connect tow strap

When safely towing a vehicle, the most important factor is to ensure that the tow strap is securely attached to both vehicles. It is critical to ensure that the tow strap is firmly attached to both tow vehicles, otherwise the strap might detach during towing and cause a serious accident.

It is important to always begin by inspecting the tow strap for any damage and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the strap if you are unsure. Installing the tow strap correctly can be a bit tedious, but it is worth taking the time to do it properly for safety reasons.

A tow strap should never be attached directly to the bumper or suspension of either vehicle. Instead, the tow strap should be affixed to the vehicle’s frame using two-inch receivers, or similar. This is because the towing vehicle’s frame is designed to support large loads, whereas attaching the strap to the bumper or suspension could cause damaging.

Similarly, the towing vehicle’s tow hooks should also be attached to the towed vehicle’s frame using two-inch receivers. This ensures that the towing vehicle’s suspension and directional forces do not directly impact the towed vehicle.

It is worth reinforcing the attachment points of each vehicle before beginning towing. Bolting or welding an additional metal plate on the frame of both vehicles, over the attachment points, can reduce the chance of the tow strap coming detached during towing.

When attaching the tow strap to the attachment points of both vehicles, it is important to make sure to use the D-ring connections. These connections should be securely attached to the frame and equipped with safety chains to prevent the tow strap from coming detached. Make sure to use the strongest Grade 8 nut and bolt possible, which should be torqued properly to prevent loosening during towing.

The length of the tow strap should be adjusted so that there is little slack. Too much slack in the strap will set up movement and oscillation between the vehicles, putting additional stress on the connection points.

As a first measure of safety, the position of the towed vehicle must be kept as low as possible, especially in inclines and declines. Installing a high tensile strength tow strap and bolting a safety chain to the tow hook can help reduce movement, as will ensuring that the akes and transmission of both vehicles are synchronized to also minimize movement.

Reversing must be done slowly in order to reduce any sudden jerks that could eak the connection or cause too much slack. Areas with high wind gusts or strong winds should also be avoided. This is because the wind can cause jerking that could eak the tow hook connection or sever the tow strap.

When driving the towing vehicle, you should drive carefully according to the road conditions, avoiding sudden stops and accelerating slowly. During towing, you should pay attention to the towed vehicle, while making sure to keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.

It is also important to never exceed the maximum speed limit while towing. The maximum speed for towing is typically posted on a sign near the connection point. Exceeding the speed limit can be dangerous, especially if the towing vehicle does not have the capacity to tow the other vehicle safely.

It is obvious, but it always needs repeating – never tow a vehicle that has a flat tire. If the wheel is completely flat and the vehicle has no spare tire, the safest thing to do is to call a tow truck to have the vehicle towed. Driving a vehicle with a flat tire can cause excessive heat, damage to the wheel and axle, and can even cause an accident.

In summary, when properly connected, a tow strap can be an effective towing tool between two vehicles. To ensure safety and avoid an accident, it is important to follow the suggestions outlined in this article including inspecting the tow strap, using two-inch receivers to attach the strap, using d-ring connections, bolting extra metal plates to both frames, and following the speed limit at all times. Remember to always keep safety as the top priority when towing a vehicle.

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