where to attach tow strap to car

where to attach tow strap to car

Introduction Towing a vehicle is an essential part of owning a car, whether you're rescuing someone else, hauling something large or simply needing to get one car to where another can take over. In either case, it's important to do it safely, and that includes knowing where to attach the tow strap or rope. The wrong choice of attachment point can result in damage to your car or even personal injury, so it pays to educate yourself on the safest and most effective way to secure your tow strap.

Safety When Attaching a Tow Strap

When you first consider attaching a tow strap to your car, you should always think of safety first. It's not only important to secure the strap correctly so that you don't cause damage to your vehicle, but also to ensure the strap and connections won't fail during the towing process.

It's essential to check the condition of the strap before attaching it to your car. Is it fraying, weak or worn, or does it look secure and in good condition? Never attach a tow strap if you’re unsure about its condition.

Make sure that the strap is long enough to give plenty of slack when it's attached to the car. You should also secure the strap at the correct point. Most cars have tow hooks designed for connecting the strap to. Identifying the correct tow points on a given car can depend on your vehicle's year, make, model and size. Be sure to consult a vehicle manual before attaching a tow strap, or ask the assistance of a qualified mechanic.

Ideal Locations for Tow Hooks

For the majority of cars, ideal locations for tow hooks are on the rear bumper or underneath the front of the car. These locations provide a secure place to attach a tow strap and will not be easily damaged by everyday movement of the car.

If your car does not have tow hooks or any other strong points installed, either in the front or back of the car, a professional auto body shop can help you identify a secure point for attaching the strap. It may be possible to weld a acket onto the frame for a secure attachment for the strap, though you should not attempt this yourself as welding is a job best left to those with the correct training and equipment.

Tips for Attaching a Tow Strap to Your Car

1. Only use high quality and durable straps and knotted rope extensions, such as from certified rope manufacturers.

2. Consider using a thick tow sling or heavy-duty strap with protective padding around the webbing.

3. Check that all fittings are rated for the weight of the towed vehicle.

4. Avoid attaching the strap or rope to any part of the exterior bodywork.

5. Make sure that the tow strap is free of knots, as this can cause slippage or failure during use.

6. Always double check that the strap or rope is secured tightly to the car and that the connections are strong and secure.

7. Make sure the tow strap or rope is attached at least 1 foot away from any fan or rotating part of the car.


Towing a car is not only a great way to get one car to another, but it can also be an incredibly useful tool when the need arises. Attaching the tow strap correctly is essential for safety, and thankfully there are specific guidelines for where to attach the strap to get the job done correctly. From checking the condition of the strap to finding the secure points for attachment, following these steps to attaching the strap ensures your tow will be safe and secure.

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