wheel tow straps

wheel tow straps

With the advancement and continual improvement of technology, more and more vehicles are becoming increasingly capable of managing a variety of terrain off-road and away from paved roads. This includes everything from smaller, all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs), to four-wheel drives, to large, commercial-grade trucks. While these vehicles are often outfitted with appropriate tires which feature deep-tread and strong material, they can still encounter issues when attempting to cross particularly terrain such as streams, boulders and other obstacles. That’s where two-wheel tow straps come in.

Two-wheel tow straps are essentially ropes or cables with large hooks on each end which are used to pull or tow another vehicle. The straps are designed to remain under tension between the two vehicles being towed, creating an anchor between the two and providing adequate grip which allows the towed vehicle to be pulled safely and securely across difficult terrain. There are a few different types of two-wheel tow straps, though the primary variation comes in the form of material (nylon for light-duty, or synthetic for heavy-duty).

It should be noted that two-wheel tow straps are not designed for towing large distances - they are designed to help with occasional off-road obstacles. Many straps are designed for use in off-road applications, but if you are looking to tow a vehicle which is not capable of similar terrain, a more traditional tow rope may be needed.

Using a two-wheel tow strap is not particularly complicated, but it does involve special care and attention. Before attempting to use a two-wheel tow strap, both vehicles should be properly secured, stopped, and all safety precautions put into place. Additionally, it should be confirmed that the sizing of the two-wheel tow strap is appropriate for the application at hand - too large of a strap may cause serious damage to the vehicle being pulled, and too small of a strap will not provide enough grip.

Once it has been determined that the two-wheel tow strap is appropriate for the task at hand, it should be positioned between the two vehicles. It is important to ensure that the strap is not placed too close to the hitch of either vehicle, and that the center of the strap is roughly in the middle between the two. Additionally, it should be checked that the width of the strap is suitable for the fastener on the hitch of the vehicle which is doing the towing.

Once the two-wheel tow strap is in place, both vehicles can move and the towing process can begin. As mentioned before, two-wheel tow straps are not intended for pulling large distances, so the speed should be kept to a minimum and the drivers should remain extra vigilant as to how both vehicles are reacting to the terrain being crossed. If the towing process is being conducted over an extended period of time, the two-wheel tow strap should be inspected regularly to ensure that it is in good condition, and to ensure that the tension between the vehicles remains high.

In closing, two-wheel tow straps are an ideal option for towing vehicles over short distances, in off-road conditions. Like any rope or cable, it is important to inspect the two-wheel tow strap before and during the towing process to ensure that it is still in good condition, and appropriate for the task at hand. More importantly, all safety precautions should be taken, and drivers must remain especially cautious while travelling across off-road terrain.

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