wheel straps for towing near me

wheel straps for towing near me


The ability to tow is advantageous for many drivers and vehicle owners for a variety of reasons. Not only does it serve as an efficient way to transport large items such as boats and trailers, but it can also be used in emergency situations such as eakdowns. Therefore, one of the most important components associated with towing is the wheel straps, or wheel tie downs.

Wheel straps are straps specifically designed for towing and securing the load of a trailer or vehicle. They are reinforced to provide the requisite strength and durability necessary for towing, while at the same time capable of being applied with relative ease. These straps come in many different types, sizes and materials, and they must be properly used in order to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

The following article will examine wheel straps in detail, as well as providing tips on how to find and purchase the right wheel straps for towing. While every driver’s towing circumstances are different, this guide will provide valuable insight and advice on how to choose the right wheel straps for any towing situation.

Types of wheel straps

Wheel straps come in several different varieties, including those for flatbed trailers and those for standard wheel rims. Flatbed wheel straps are commonly used with angled wheel chocks and are used to secure the wheel chocks to the trailer’s deck. They typically consist of two straps (one with an adjustable loop and one without), usually joined together by a connecting ring. Other straps may include additional features such as built-in ratchets or quick release buckles.

Wheel straps designed for passenger vehicle wheels are made with non-slip material and are designed to hold the wheel firmly and securely to the trailer. These straps are commonly found with a ratcheting or quick release system, allowing for easy tightening and release. The straps are also generally adjustable, so that they can be tightened to the desired level of tension.

Material of Wheel Straps

When selecting the appropriate wheel straps, it is important to consider the material from which the straps are made. Wheel straps are made from both natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials are generally more durable and better for long-term use, and may come in the form of leather or canvas.

Synthetic materials, such as polyester webbing, tend to be less expensive and easier to maintain, but may be vulnerable to certain types of wear. They are best suited for occasional use, as they do not provide the same durability as natural materials. In addition, it is important to note that the strength of the webbing itself is also an important factor to take into account when selecting the best wheel straps for towing.

Finding and Purchasing Wheel Straps

When looking for wheel straps for towing, it is essential to ensure that the straps are the appropriate size, type and material. If possible, it is best to inspect the straps prior to purchase. This will help to ensure that the straps are of a high-quality and will provide the level of security necessary for towing.

Wheel straps are available from a variety of sources including online vendors, automotive stores and marine supply stores. To save money, some drivers prefer to purchase their wheel straps from a used source. However, when it comes to towing, it is important to remember that used straps can wear down quickly, potentially compromising the security of the load.


Wheel straps are a necessary component for any towing situation. It is important to select the right strap for the job, as not all straps are suitable for all towing scenarios. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that the strap material is of high quality, as the strength and durability of the strap is critical. Finally, drivers should make sure that the strap is correctly tightened before towing, to ensure that the load is safely and securely transported. With the right information and care, drivers and vehicle owners alike can get the most out of their wheel straps and the towing experience.

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