wheel straps for towing harbor freight

wheel straps for towing harbor freight

Towing Safety

With the ever-growing popularity of towing, safety is becoming a top concern. After all, not just your life, but that of other motorists and pedestrians is at risk when you are towing. Here, we will discuss the measures you should take when it comes to towing safely.

Vehicle Selection

First and foremost, it is important to select a vehicle suitable for towing. You should start by carefully going over the towing capabilities of the vehicle you have in mind. Make sure that the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and Gross Combined Weight Rating are high enough for the trailer and load you plan to tow. If the vehicle does not have a manual, contact the manufacturer for more details about towing safety.

Weight Balancing

In order to ensure a smooth ride and preserve the integrity of your vehicle, its towing system and the trailer, it is important to balance the weight of your load accordingly. Even distribution on both sides is most desirable. Loading heavier items closer to the front axle is recommended to ensure better stability. Keeping your centre of gravity low is also essential for safety.

Safety Equipment

Before you head out on your journey, make sure you have all the essential safety equipment with you. This includes, but is not limited to, a tow bar, rated tow straps, wheel straps, chains, lights, eakaway switch, spare tire, tire pressure gauge, trailer safety cables and a fire extinguisher. Also, make sure you check all your safety equipment to ensure everything is in good working condition.

Towing Regulations

Before towing, make sure you are familiar with the local regulations in terms of towing. This includes any licensing, registration and weight requirements. Make sure to stick to the speed limit and drive defensively. Also, make sure you do not exceed the capacity of your vehicle, as this may significantly affect your driving performance and increase the risk of accidents.

Securing the Load

It is of utmost importance to properly secure your load. Start by properly distributing and balancing it. Use ratchet straps to hold the items in place and prevent them from bouncing around. Make sure nothing is jutting out that could potentially cause injury to other motorists or pedestrians. Also, cover all loose items with a tarp.

Emergency Kit

When it comes to towing, it is better to be safe than sorry. To this end, you should always keep an emergency kit with you on the road. This should include a warning triangle, reflective tape and a tow rope, in addition to the most basic tools and basics. You should also have a spare key and a first-aid kit.


Towing is a great way to carry large items and your camping gear, but it is important to be aware of the risks it entails. Take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers and other motorists by following the tips we outlined above. This includes selecting a suitable vehicle, understanding your towing regulations, properly balancing and securing your load, and preparing an emergency kit. With the right preparation, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable towing experience.

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