wheel straps for tow trucks

wheel straps for tow trucks

Over the years, the use of wheel straps for tow trucks has become increasingly popular and widespread. For those who work in road and emergency services, using wheel straps can make the process of towing vehicles much easier and safer. But, what exactly are wheel straps, and how do they benefit tow truck operators? This article aims to explain the importance of wheel straps, their use and the advantages they provide.

What are wheel straps?

Wheel straps are straps made of high strength nylon and webbing which are typically affixed to the wheels of a towed vehicle to ensure greater stability, security and control when towing. This type of strap comes in multiple sizes and webbing widths to accommodate different wheel sizes and strengths of passenger vehicles, vans and trucks. Wheel straps, which can also be referred to as wheel chocks, work by preventing the wheel from turning, thus ensuring that the vehicle remains properly in line and under control when it is being towed.

Benefits of wheel straps

There are many advantages to using wheel straps when towing a vehicle. These benefits include the following:

1. Increased stability – Wheel straps provide greater stability and control when towing, as they allow a tow truck operator to evenly spread the load of the towed vehicle over the truck's wheel base, providing improved and safe travel.

2. Reduced risk of damage – Wheel straps work to protect the towed vehicle from sustaining damage as a result of the towing process. By helping to lessen the strain placed on the vehicle's undercarriage, wheel straps keep it from unexpectedly shifting or dragging on the ground.

3. Improved safety – The use of wheel straps is an important part of ensuring the safety of tow truck drivers and occupants of any vehicle being towed, as their use eliminates the risk of the vehicle unexpectedly shifting and causing problems for the tow truck.

4. Easier towing – Since wheel straps help to reduce the amount of stress placed on the towed vehicle, it is easier to tow vehicles with wheel straps in place. This also makes it possible to tow lighter loads without having to use expensive, heavy duty equipment.


Overall, wheel straps are a great addition to any tow truck's toolbox. Not only do they increase stability when towing vehicles, they also make it possible to tow heavier loads with less stress, which can help reduce the risk of damage to both the tow truck and any vehicle it carries. In addition, wheel straps provide increased safety to both the tow truck driver and the occupants of the towed vehicle. Ultimately, the use of wheel straps is essential for those who tow vehicles for a living, as it ensures that all vehicles are properly secured and protected during the towing process.

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