wheel straps for tow dolly

wheel straps for tow dolly


Towing can be an intimidating process and understandably so. You are responsible for safely moving another vehicle, and if you incorporate a tow dolly, then the stakes can be even higher. That is why having the right gear matters. Wheel straps for tow dolly fit this criteria, as they are essential for operating your trailer and towing large loads. Straps are key for attaching a tow dolly to the back of your vehicle.

If you’re new to tow dolly operation and need to get some gear fast, then this article will explore everything you need to know about tow dolly wheel straps. We’ll cover what they are and why they are so important, as well as the types of straps and the best places to buy them. We’ll also explain the safest way to attach tow dolly wheel straps and how to take them off.

What are Tow Dolly Wheel Straps?

Tow dolly wheel straps – also referred to as tow dolly straps – are an important tie-down strap that is commonly used to secure vehicles to a tow dolly. The strap typically consists of an efficient webbing material and one or more stainless steel hooks at each end. The strap should be made from a durable and reliable material such as webbing, as your safety is at stake.

Tow dolly wheel straps may vary in lengths, widths, and length of hooks. You will want to pick a size and type of strap that is suitable for your towing vehicle and the load you’re hauling.

Why Are Wheel Straps for Tow Dolly Necessary?

Wheel straps for tow dolly are incredibly useful and necessary for a few reasons. Firstly, from a safety standpoint, it is vital to have reliable and effective straps when transporting a load behind your vehicle. These straps prevent vehicles from shifting and ultimately make sure that your load is secure against the tow dolly.

These straps are also useful for convenience and time-saving purposes. For example, attaching tow dolly wheel straps to the vehicle’s tires will simplify the entire attachment process and make the overall loading and unloading much faster. This is a great time-saving tool, especially if you are in a rush to tow a vehicle.

Types of Tow Dolly Wheel Straps

Generally, tow dolly wheel straps can come in a few different varieties. The two main types of straps that you can find are metal chain and webbing-style straps. The type of strap you purchase will largely depend on the type of load you are transporting, as well as the size of the load.

A webbing strap can be a great choice for smaller loads, such as vehicles and alpine ski equipment. Not only are these straps reliable and incredibly strong, but they’re also lightweight and easy to pack away after you’re done with your towing job.

If you’re looking to lug around a large load, such as a boat, then opting for a chain strap may be a better route. As their name suggests, these straps are made with heavy-duty metal chain links, so they’re perfect for larger loads. Chain straps are also more resistant to wear and tear, so they can last longer and can be reused.

Where to Buy Tow Dolly Wheel Straps

There are plenty of places to purchase tow dolly wheel straps. Many large retailers, such as Walmart and Home Depot, carry these products and will always have a few models in stock. These straps can also be found online, from specialty retailers such as Amazon. Shopping online is a great way to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for that fits your needs.

You can also purchase tow dolly straps from independent automotive shops, both in-person and online. These stores usually carry a variety of models from both webbing and chain straps, as well as other towing accessories.

How to Attach and Take Off Tow Dolly Wheel Straps

Attaching tow dolly wheel straps is a simple process that requires only a few steps. To start, place the strap under the front and back tire of the vehicle. Make sure that the straps are snug, with no overlapping possible. Now, attach the hooks of the strap to the tow dolly ramp. For your safety, make sure that the hooks are secured tightly to the tow dolly ramp.

Once the entry has been made and the straps locked in place, you can begin towing your vehicle. The process of untying the straps is just as simple and straightforward as attaching them. To take off tow dolly wheel straps, simply unhook the straps from the tow dolly ramp and unravel the straps from underneath the tires of the vehicle.


Tow dolly wheel straps are a necessary piece of the towing puzzle, as they are essential for securing a vehicle to a tow dolly. Having the right and reliable straps on-hand is a must for any serious towing job. With that in mind, it is important to understand what these straps are, why they are useful, and the different types of straps available. It is also wise to find out where to purchase these straps and how to safely attach and take them off. By understanding the above information and incorporating it into your towing job, you can safely attach and take off tow dolly wheel straps with ease.

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