veloster tow strap

veloster tow strap

The humble tow strap is both a simple and effective solution for those who need to tow a vehicle. From the largest motor vehicle to the tiniest hobby car, a tow strap forms an easy yet strong bond between the two vehicles, allowing one to move the other. However, whilst many people think of tow straps as a basic item of safety equipment, there are various types of straps, each ideal for a different purpose.

The most basic type of tow strap is the vehicle recovery strap. This is a simple but strong material usually made from either polyester or nylon and fitted with durable metal hooks. Vehicle recovery straps are designed to be used in a jerking motion to pull a stuck car out of a muddy focus. To ensure maximum safety, the straps should be inspected regularly to ensure that they have not become frayed or weak and should always be used in conjunction with a structural chassis ace, if potential to avoid excess damage to the vehicles.

A specialized version of the tow strap designed for sports cars is the Veloster tow strap. This adjustable strap is designed to fit all cars that have an aerodynamic, low-slung design. The Veloster tow strap’s adjustable buckles allow it to be stretched like an elastic, to fit over cars that are slung low. It's unique design helps to protect the lower car body from the damage caused by traditional towing hooks, thanks to its fitted loop ends and neoprene core. Furthermore, the Veloster strap tends to be stronger than regular tow straps, allowing for a higher towing capacity.

For those who need to tow heavier cars, the heavy-duty tow strap is the ideal choice. These straps are also made from polyester or nylon material and are fitted with heavy-duty hooks. Unlike vehicle recovery straps, these have a much stiffer, more durable construction which allows them to be used to tow heavier, higher weight cars. Furthermore, the fitting and clamping of heavy-duty hooks helps to ensure that the towing connection is secure and difficult to detach.

Finally, there are strap-style winches that are designed for towing up to heavier loads, usually boats. These winches feature a built-in, high-capacity towing strap and are designed to be able to hold around 30,000 lbs of towing capacity. These winches have the capability to pull a heavier vessel along with a single line and their heavy-duty construction ensures that they can withstand all types of weather and marine conditions.

Whilst all of the above tow straps can be beneficial for those looking for a reliable way to transport or recover a vehicle, it is important to bear in mind the weight and type of car you will be towing. Certain straps are stronger than others and are designed for various purposes. Knowing the exact specifications of the car to be towed is paramount to avoid any damage or further complication caused by inappropriate or faulty straps.

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