utv tow strap

utv tow strap


Tow straps are an invaluable addition to any car’s arsenal of tools and products. Though you may never use a tow strap, having one stored in your trunk or garage can save your life if you ever need it. Tow straps can be used to quickly and easily tow another car or to pull an immobilized vehicle out of an awkward or difficult position. Combining safety and strength, tow straps are a must-have for drivers everywhere.

What is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is a long and heavy-duty piece of material with reinforced metal hooks at each end. Generally, the material itself is made from nylon rope, canvas, or a similar substance. This makes the tow strap strong and resistant to the elements, with designs that include a variety of grades, sizes and weights available. Generally, tow straps are strong enough to be pulled by many motor vehicles, allowing you to tow cars as well as motorcycles, compact vehicles and truks.

The Reinforced Metal Hooks

The metal hooks at each end of a tow strap make it a universal tool for towing or pulling vehicles in an emergency. As some of the strongest tow straps have a eaking strength of up to 10000 pounds, the metal hooks are essential in providing a secure grip as you pull. It’s essential that they remain in tact, as this allows the tow strap to act as a reliable spring that absorbs both the potential shock from the pull, as well as the momentum from the vehicles in motion.

Safety When Using a Tow Strap

Whether you’re preparing for a tow or retrieving a car from a stuck position, there are many safety precautions that must be taken. Towing a vehicle always involves two people. One person will drive the tow vehicle, while the other will be the spotter and is responsible for guiding the tow vehicle from the passenger's seat and ensuring no accidents happen during the towing process.

When towing a vehicle, the tow vehicle's driver should never exceed 15mph. Additionally, the area should be free of other vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects that can cause further problems in an emergency situation. Both vehicles should be in the same gear and have their emergency akes on throughout the towing process.

How to Hook the Tow Strap

Hooking a tow strap is easy and straightforward. The metal hooks must be securely and visibly attached to the bumpers or other points underneath the car. Generally, the hooks should not be attached to the vehicle's exhaust or suspension in order to prevent any damage or injury. Once the tow strap is hooked, the other end is then secured to the tow vehicle.

How to Unhook the Tow Strap

Whenever you need to unhook the tow strap, you must ensure that the tow vehicles are in neutral and the emergency akes are applied. After this, the two individuals involved can slowly pull their respective vehicle away from each other until the tow strap is detached from both cars.

Tow straps are an incredibly useful, if not essential tool for both everyday drivers and motor enthusiasts who are looking for an easy, low-cost and safe solution for towing and pulling vehicles in a pinch. Boasting age-old technology with a simple and sturdy design, the tow strap is a must-have that no car or driver should be without.

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