usa made tow straps

usa made tow straps


Tow straps are an invaluable tool for anyone undertaking anything that requires using a tow vehicle. Not only do they make recovery operations safer, smoother and quicker, but they can also be used for a range of other activities and hauling tasks. DEMA is a leading provider of top quality tow straps, which are ideally suited for off-road use and come in a range of options for any situation.

What is a tow strap?

Tow straps are designed to help users safely attach one vehicle to another. They enable towed vehicles to be connected together without damaging the surface of either vehicle, ensuring a flat and secure towing setup. Tow straps are usually made using a strong nylon or polyester webbing, which is often reinforced with strong stitching in strategic stress points. The webbing can be very long, enabling one vehicle to be towed from anywhere up to 20 meters behind the towing vehicle. The webbing is connected to a set of eyebolts or other secure fastening points to attach it to each vehicle.

How do DEMA tow straps differ from other models?

DEMA tow straps are designed to provide users with an incredibly strong and reliable product that stands up to demanding use. Each strap is handmade and uses high-quality webbing materials for outstanding performance, no matter what the task. DEMA tow straps are also made with extra-long length webbing, meaning they can be used to safely tow vehicles up to twenty meters away. In comparison to other ands, DEMA tow straps offer unbeatable strength and reliability, ensuring users can be confident that their vehicles are securely and safely attached to each other while they are being towed.

What are the various types of DEMA tow straps?

DEMA offers a wide range of tow straps, so users can select the right one for the job. All straps can be used for off-road towing and recovery operations and be attached to compatible tow eyelets, while some straps are even equipped with adjustable straps and protective sleeves to help maximize safety and strength. Some of the more popular DEMA tow straps include the Heavy Duty Triple Strap, the Multi-Length Tow Strap and the Rubberised Tow Strap.


DEMA’s range of tow straps are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a strong and reliable way to tow their vehicles over rough terrain, for any purpose. Each strap is made of high-quality, durable materials and comes in a range of designs, ensuring that users have the perfect solution for any situation. Whether it’s for off-road towing, recovery or everyday use, DEMA tow straps provide users with an unbeatable solution that gives them peace of mind when they are relying on their strap to keep their vehicle connected.

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